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1. One day the Walrus swims again to the shore. A lot of fishes are around. So the lovely Walrus has two fat fishes in his big mouth as present for his fure skin friends at the shore. Walrus had even swallowed a Penguin, a male. The Pinguin wife just escapes on an ice-island around, where the fat Walrus can not follow. And before Walrus has swallowed the male, the female has found a new Penguin.  "Mhhh", that Penguin was delicious. Penguins in love are much more tasty then Penguins in quarrels.

Swimming at the shore, the Walrus heard some strang howling: '''UHHHH, UHHH, UHHHH''''. 

Strange sound, thinks the Walrus, that is a howling like a Walrus-Mama crying for her Walrus-Baby. But the sound comes from the country-side.

So the Walrus tramples on the shore

2. So the Walrus tramples on the shore. And spits his two fishes on the land as present. But no fur skin friend is around. Only the Seagull sits in a tree. But not even the Seagull has the courage to steal pieces of the fish.

"Where are my friends?" ponders the Walrus, "my Aardverk, the Cat, the Cow, the Bear, the Rat and where is DODODOG?"

Out from the forest hobbles a very lousy, handicapped old animal. The Walrus can not even believe his eyes. What is this?
(Pictures from wolfblut.de)
  What is this?

 Slowly the strange, rude, old, skinny animals crawls on all fours to the Walrus. And immediatly catches one fish, and chews the fish flesh.

Walrus asks: "Strange guy, who are you?"
3. With food in the mouth the chewing chap snarls: "Grrrr..."

"You sound a bit like DODO, the dog. You look a bit like Dodo, the Dog. But you are much bigger. And your fure looks like dirty snow."

Meanwhile the Great Grey has nearly finished to feed on the first fish. And answers unwillingly und grungy:

"A dog? Are you crazy, you flesh-mountain? How do you dare, to speak the name of such degenerative, spoiled, bribed corrupted creature?"

"Bribed, corrupted, spoiled, degenerative?" asks the Walrus astonished, "what do you mean? What is this? How do you do this?"

"Grrr", answers the Grey Hound catches the second fish and starts chewing again, "GRRR, this are ugly crimes in the two leg walkers world. Two legs walkers do this to us, to us the four leg walkers. They bribe us with food. Then we start to follow their stupid orders. This is called bribe."
4. "

"And with bribery these four legs walkers degenerate?"

"Surely, surely! From our majestic seize these two legs walkers make us shrink to dogs - little like mice!"

 "And Penguins shrink to the seize of water-flees?"

"Exactly! GRRRRRRR!!!"

"Ahhh, " the Walrus starts to understand, "maybe is that the reason, that you are always a little bit funny and fighting with each other? Do you need to keep up your seize?"

"Me? I never fight..I am the Wolf. All other animals are afraid of me." 


"Afraid of you? For what?" asks the Walrus astonished again.

"You don't count at all! You are no four legs walker. You are no two legs walker. You are no walker at all!"
6. The Walrus scratches with his fin over the ground. A sign of deep understanding and agreement. The Walrus is proud, to find fish for such a wise animal, the Wolf. Walrus continues:

"Now tell me, the four leg walkers are afraid of you? For what?"

"Ah", answers the Wolf with fish in his mouth, "I feel as if I have two wolves fighting in my heart. One wolf is the vengeful, angry, violent one. The other wolf is the loving, compassionate one." 

"Ahh," ponders the Walrus, "and the animals don't know, which wolve is lifing in you right now?"

"Oh," answers the Wolf, "in my young years all animals had no doubt about! I killed just for fun! One times I killed many, many many, so much sheep, a sea of blood and flesh. You can't imagine the bloody flesh fat mountain."

"What? For what did you kill more you can eat?" Walrus shakes his head with his brain, big like a Walnut.

"."For fun, stupid!"

"Stupid? You sound like Dodo, the dog, the worldfamous Bitch-Bark-Biter."

"GRRR, stop to remember me on dogs! No dog has never been famous. Sometimes a Wolf gets recognition, when a Wolf slaughters sheep in abundance. But now, in my old age, I feel more the other part of my life."

"Ah, which one?"

"...the loving, compassionate one. Can you provide some more fish, Walrus?" 

"Sure, you look so old, Slim Shady! You can not hunt for yourself anymore, right?"

"Yes", sobs the old Wolf, that's the reason, you start to feed the loving, compassionate part of life." 

"Ah, you are really a wise fur skin animal."

But next day the Walrus swam to another part of the shore, where Walrus meets again his Aardverk-Friend and the Cat. The Cat takes the fish thankfully. And the Aardverk gets some green plants from the salty sea.

The old Wolf cultivated his compassionate and loving side several monthes  more. The Aarverk reported to his Walrus friend:

"Wolf and Cow start to chew grass together!"

 Finally the Wolf died peacefully and fulfilled.