The Fairy-Tale of the Walrus and the Kitten

Once, there was a dear, thick, fat, old walrus. That swam before
Canada at the shore of the sea, where it had already met the bear
and the aardvark. The aardvark was truly funny, so small, so lively,
so lively-alive. And the walrus had never seen a fur-animal, let
alone ever touched. The walrus up to now knew only slippery fish and
stone-hard mussels. You can imagine as the walrus yearned, to feel a

How the aardvark now amazed saw, like the walrus tramped at country,
everything drip-wet around, there it sat down on the hind-legs
laughing and fearlessly:

" You surely are a funny bacon-dumpling! "

The walrus did its water-tabs of the ears, blinked for the first
time and asked:

" EH "?

The aardvark snorted out loud of laughter:

" What kind of guy are you? "

The walrus found this voice of the small fur-animal so fascinating
and exhilarating. Therefore, it answered solemnly:

"Yeah, can’t you see me? I am the small, lovely, fat, grease

There, the aardvark almost fell before laughter’s on the back. Word
went against word, and so they became friends. They visited
themselves always more frequently, because they found their fun

Because the walrus had never felt a fur-animal, it yearned
incredibly, to feel this fur. But how can grasp a fat walrus at the
country a fur-animal? That does not work. At the country even a
small Aardvark was however much too quickly for a toddling Walrus.
And the fur-animals never went in the water to the walrus.
After some time the walrus dared really to ask:

" Aardvarks, I would once sense you with my fins so gladly.
What do you think about it? Would you like this too"?

By the time the Aardvark had become already quite trustfully. But
that sounded more strangely than dangerously. It scratched itself
with the left hind-paw skilfully contorted at the right front-ear
and moved carefully in the proximity of the Walrus:

" But you must be much more carefully than you are with your
toddling tail-fin"!

" Plainly,"

the walrus promised, and asked a little bit blankly

" but what is toddling about my tail-fin, please? "

" If you clap with it on the sand,"

the Aardvark said and went again a half meter backwards,

" then the sand-fountains fly high. I would not like to come amongst
them! "

There had run already some saliva from the Walrus’ long, argues
tusk. It leaned on them, if it flirted with the Aardvark. Now the
Walrus’ heart became quite sorrowfully, and it assured:
" You only need merely, to crawl over my front-fins, then I feel you
however already, please."

The Walrus-growl now sounded already familiar but so sadly, that the
aardvark took all it’s courage together. It pattered quite quickly
over the right fin.

And the walrus held quietly, shut the eyes and buzzed blissfully,

" mhhhhhhhhhhhh ".

The drone tickled merrily in Aardvark’s stomach. And so it put
itself trustfully on the Walrus-fins. That sensed, that its drone
pleased the aardvark. So, the two became so familiar that the
aardvark climbed over the walrus, like it crawled over the mounds,
where it lived.

One work-day, the walrus came to the country again. There, it didn't
greet like usually its grown fond lovely Aardvark. A black cat sat
there with white paws and a white tail-top and her eyes shining
green iridescently. That Aardvark had smelled the cat and had
remained safely in its cave.

Already the aardvark had a velvety, earth-yellow fur. But the walrus
had never seen a cat with these colours and glistening eyes. The
Walrus immediately put away the water-covers from his ears and heard
a flattering meow:

" You have a delicious colour, but you are much too big and greases
! "

" Ugh "?

the walrus asked full of incomprehension,

" delicious colors "?

" Yes "

meowed the cat and canceled itself with the white velvet-paw over
her black breast-fur,

" yes, delicious like mice, but many too big and greases "!

" Ah "
the walrus understood,

" Mice are your fish "?

" Fish, do you have fish "?,

the cat asked and immediately put down all paws into the sand and
her eyes became quite narrow.

" Clear "

the walrus bragged,

" Fish, hundreds, and mussels, thousands "!
" Ah "

the cat calculated skipped,

" therefore, you are so big and greases "!

The walrus shook water from the bacon that the cat jumped horrified
to the side.

" Apology ",

the walrus muttered.

" Doesn’t matter",

did the cat lie with foxy smiles,

" maybe, you will bring a fish to me once? "

" Plainly ",

the walrus thought and dreamed of it, to feel the fur-animal cat on
its fins. It even longed more however for its familiar aardvark.
Always if the walrus now pattered at the country, it brought a fat
fish. That Aardvark was never to be seen anymore if the walrus
puffed from the floods. The cat lurked for it at the beach. And
received her fish.

" Where only my aardvark remains?,"

the walrus wondered into itself in sorrowfully.

" Aardvarks? Hihihi "!

smacking meowed the cat.

" What then do you laugh "?,

Walrus asked with a touch of anger.

" Aardvarks are afraid of cats. They are almost same strongly like
we are. I never would snatch an Aardvark like a Walrus grey-coloured
mouse! "

The comparison already annoyed the walrus in a way, but the longing
after his Aardvark makes his voice sound mildly:

" What do you think, can we call the aardvark? "

" Let's try it if I have eaten enough fish,"

and then they called truly together:

" Aardvark! Aardvark! Aardvark! "

That heard the sound nearby in its cave and stretched out the nose

" You quietly can join us. First I am full of fish, and second I do
not like Aardvarks, and third you are virtually as strong as I am "!

But immediately the cat got annoyed that she had said the last
words. But exactly by them the Aardvark got trust, to approach the
walrus swiftly.
The Aardvark itself had yearned for him also for a long time. The
cat was amazed, as quite fearlessly the aardvark climbed on the fat,
thick walrus over it tail-fin, climbed from the backs on his head.
And the walrus enjoyed this, closed its left eye, in the meantime it
supported with the right tusk its weight at the sand and buzzed

The drone pleased the cat quite mightily well that she itself turned
spontaneously on the side, quite near to the front-fin of the walrus
and started to purr.
The walrus was in the seventh Walrus-sky. As then the kitten itself
still rolled around to the front-fins, warm shivers ran over the
walrus’ bacon-backs. And it rolled a salty tear of his left eye over
its cheek and dripped on the Kitten’s black purring stomach.

She immediately sensed that, wiped with her hind-paw however only
quite slowly the drop into her mouth and licked the salty
Walrus-tear with her red-blooded Cat-tongue of the white paw. That
was so much more delicious after the fish.

And walrus buzzed, and kitten purred, and aardvark pinched
blissfully with the paws into the ears of the Walrus. However that
remained quite, quite-hold.

And if they are not dead, they meet still today.

Walrus to the Nicholas for his friends 12.6.2000

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