<-The Fairy-Tale of the Walrus and the Bear

It was an old, fat, dear, fat walrus once. It swam around before the Coast of Canada. A day, it strolled at the beach. There, a small Aardvarks came from the country. It placed itself on the behind-legs and was amazed:

" Yes, as one can only so boob-y and greases and wrinkled, hihihi "!
it laughed. The walrus gurgled back:

" Yes, how one can only be so shaggy and tipsy-small! One can hardly see you!"

A word gave the other. And so they became friends. The aardvark already waited always for the walrus. It even strolled on its Walrus-fur around.

There, it scraped off mussel and algae, that tasted good - even salty. Hmm, delicious!

A day, an old toddling bear came the river down. He also sit down at the beach. As the walrus shuffled at the country, the bear was amazed. The bear buzzed:

" Yes, what you are then? You have only bacon, no fur"!

The walrus griped back:

Walrus ''Antje'' 27 years old, died in Hamburg Zoo 07/16/03

"And you? Look once at you as the sand sticks in your ambling! Does nobody comb your fur? "

So, they became also friends. They had much fun, because both has grown already rather old. They often lay in the sun. The bear let shine the sun on his bushy tail. The walrus sometimes beat with the tail on the sand that it clapped and threw up small sand-fountains.

Especially gladly, the two talked about the females, that they both annoyed a life long and had annoyed. If they wanted anyone, those were never namely there. And if they watched the moon behind the clouds once in blissful silence, an especially funny female sometimes rolled around in front of them, until they got ready. And grasped her by her fur-bacon! What was that for a nuisance with them, there, they were united in the same opinion.

Only if the aardvark came to them, they were nearly quite quiet. There, the bear started however already an dispute with thoughts like these:

" You let the aardvark clean only your fur! You use it like I use my scrape-tree! You are a rather callous fat-paunch! "

Well, walruses does not care so much for a bear's growl. Then they dive in their waves back and what doesn't fit them, they wash away. The Walrus was anyway at the most dearly alone. These young pretty Walrus-Things, that rolled before him and performed courtship display, had terrible fear in reality! If this colossus crawls on me, she might wobble to herself, then he spears his long tusks through me. "Uhh ".. and she shook herself.

That didn't matter to the old walrus. He liked to see her, but he didn't struggle however about the nuisances with her.

A day, he came to the beach again. There, the bear sat on a stub. That the walrus had always admired, how his long-fur-brother pattered on trees, only about to pick from caves a paw of honey. That was incomprehensible to the walrus, how the bear could endure this bees-thumping-buzzing.

But honey was already a fine matter, somehow however.

Now the bear sits on the stub and starts immediately buzzing:

" Listen once! Walrus! You don't do that with me like with your patient Aardvarks, do you hear me ? "

The walrus would have liked mostly of all to back-patter into the floods again, but good? So it heard this long speech without sense. Walruses are infinitely patient.

The bear buzzed further from its stub, before which the walrus amazed, what sat on all his four fins and puffed:

"Walrus, you always come, to listen to the sound of my histories, isn't it? And you first everything drip-wet flat around, if you come from the water. And in the end you go to your bath again. "

" Yes, what else should I do then otherwise?,

the walrus asked totally fazed.

" You should bring me a slips up honey, otherwise I tell nothing more "!

" Ugh, honey? Honey of the tree? From the bees-thumping-buzzing? Are you crazy? Have you ever seen a walrus on a tree? Go yourself to your bees-thumping-buzzing, to steal honey. Leave me out there! "

Both offended they pulled away from there. The bear went up his river again. The walrus into the water. The aardvark thought:

" It will come back again! Maybe, they only suffer from their fur-crisis? We fur-animals are extremely sensitively if a new fur is adequate for us in the winter "!

"Do you think like this? "

the walrus asked and teetered itself into the ocean. It lay on the back and flew through the water like a weightless bird. Strangely, it scratched itself with the left fin at the left ear that immediately it turned itself on the right side. How funny the animals are however! And it thought:

" Why one must crawl on trees merely, to steal about honey from the bees-thumping-buzzing honey? "

A walrus understands some things just as little as well as a bear.

And if they are not dead, then they fight still today.