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Thu May 6, 2004  12:00 am

Hi there,

just to tell you,
I'm back again on the web ...

now slowly, slowly ... Hi Beloved!
I will install all stuff again,
and start reading your thousands
of mails first, then ...

I saved all my data, but everything
on C, where Windows and all programs
lived, got killed, so also all these
e-mails, that I gathered ...

Win ME has gotten a last chance now,
this rotten old systems, that worked
almost well for me ... the only one
who dares to say this, I suppose ...
... listening to all these happy new
friends of Win XP - not even talking
about Mac-users of course (!)

How are things for you ?
Let's see if since my holidays from
n0by's anything has changed ...

Some new voices here ?
Some surrenderings of ever surviving
egos, some melting of sophisticated
mastering minds of any kind whatsoever ?

See you later !
Greetings from the interface !
Thanks n0by for the postcard mailing !

Love & Hate
Veet Thomas


I'm back again on the web ...
(Picture sent via Cell-Phone)