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Sat Feb 7, 2004  3:52 pm

Yahoo! ID: cladinblak
Real Name: Timothy James
Nickname: cladinblak
Location: Brooklyn
Age: 34
Marital Status: Single
Gender: Male
Occupation: PR/Media Consultant, psychic trainer
More About Me
Hobbies: Meeting cool open minded people for intelligent conversations and fun times. cladinblak at aol.com
Latest News: I study many things, from the Bible to Patanjali to Magick and much, much more. If you are also a scholar of the universe, please e-mail me.
Favorite Quote
"Love is infinite"
Home Page:  http://members.aol.com/cladinblak/goth.html
Cool Link:  No cool link specified

Wow, what have I joined? Who is n0by and what is his connection to the Osho community?

I read a review of Osho by a travelling writer who said the only fucking was mental, a matter of draining money from tourists or something like that.

I realize any community could get labelled this way by a superficial guest.

Hi, this is Tim saying hello.

Oh my. 

Love and joy to you all,