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Dear all,
I've been lurking on your egroup for a couple of days (oh no not another bloody lurker, groan, they all go!) and must say I'm really bloody enjoying the interchanges on here! The directness, the freedom, the humour the feedback and so on. 
Such a relief after some of the oh-so-serious-I'm-stuck-way-up-my-arse spiritual socalled "seekers" sites I've come across! Breath of fresh air for me I reckon. And I'm not a sannyas! So probably you won't wanna talk with a low-life like me, poor benighted lost creature that I am! Sorry, much grovelling and all that, but too young and involved in another NRM (that's non-offensive right-speak for sect or cult depending) as a kiddie (which I didn't get out of til I was 18 when the cops busted it up and rescued us all to emerge dazed and blinking into the big wide world) to have found that dirty rascal guru Osho. Used to read his books as kid though, we were forced into a couple of hours "spiritual reading" a day in our regime and luckily some of the books were fairly eclectic. But some of my best friends are sannyas (not that I hold it against them, but have occasionally had the pleasure/joy/privilege of holding other things against them!) I'm just an alien only landed in the world 13 years or so, after growing up in this group isolated from the "outside world", and enjoying it  immensely I must say. I'm not a guruji, nor enlightened at least not permanently, just occasionally!  my autobiog is on my website if anyone's interested 

Sarah 2000

Sarah March 2003, visit Munich for Hellinger - Seminar in Bavaria (Penzberg)

don't have to pay any bucks to read it either! As published by penguin a few years ago but I retained full copyright in return for letting them make all the money! So I can do what I fucking well like with it, including publishing on the net if I want to.
A note to DK of otoons fame - I think you're on this list and my apologies if you're not and further grovelling for not remembering your sannyas name forgive me I am an uncultured peasant with a bad memory!. I really loved your masters list on your site and the candid and fucking hilarious comments you make about them, which, after checking out a few of their websites and listening to some of the goss and feeling into them, I pretty much agree are spot on.

And what is it about these Brooklyn-born gurus? Why are they all sex-starved and go about it all in such a perverted manner? Why are they such controlling power mad money mad ites? Is it a Brooklyn jewish boy syndrome or what? I think you've got one or two mentioned on your site, and I know one or two myself and it seems to sometimes go with the territory. I don't want to leap in and categorise them all as I'm sure there's some beautiful ones too that have got over all that, but I sense a trend here

Love to all
Dr. Sarah Moore M.B.B.S.; M.A. (Psychoanalytic Studies), Dip. Clin. Hyp
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