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Many thanks for your kind welcome nOby. I am not sure what to say as an introduction but I am happy to say something. Any "guidance" would be appreciated...I have been amused by the fact that your presence elsewhere appears to inflame people! Although I am not very familiar with the history of what happened to the Osho group I think that all the politics and "happenings" with the "official" Osho organisation and amongst other similar groups fulfills what he would have expected, so perhaps that is something positive to take from it all. I am never dissillusioned by groups or organisations because I always expect lots of bossy people to take over and push people around. The core "truths" of great beings are always lost or adulterated by know-all "disciples". I notice that you have no love of various politicians...here is an article I wrote a few months back, which you might find of interest, although you may of course disagree with the content: http://www.mediamonitors.net/richardmorrissey1.html. In any case, thank you again for your welcome and I look forward to reading through the archives in coming days and weeks. Have a good weekend. Best wishes, richard. 

Richard from BasicGoodness.org