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Oshos heritage? Sannyasins giving Satsang - behind the public face

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Date:  Tue Oct 28, 2003  11:16 pm
Subject:  Oshos heritage? Sannyasins giving Satsang - behind the curtain

  Pan's inquiry
The deepest love in me is for Oshos vision, that it will go on living in people,  that it will continue living in future generations. This made me start the inquiry. Also I wanted to know what has happened, 13 years after Osho had left his  body, to his promise that many of his Sannyasins will be awakened.
The following question
"Oshos dream of „The New Man – an enlightened rebel”
Is this spirit still alive in you ?
If so, let's connect and stay in connection so that we can find  ways to work and play together."

was sent to 54 Osho Sannyasins who are working in public as satsang teachers, satsang givers, group leaders or centre leaders.
Here are their names :
Michael Barnett, Adima, Layena, Ashu, Maitreya Ishwara, Virato, Ananta, OWK, Rainer Schatt (Nataraj), Umi, Ian Wolstenholme, Ranimu, Yog Chinmaya, Mahamudra, Alan Lowen, Miten, Bhagat, Samarpan, Dolano, Arjuna Ardagh, Shakti, Veet Charya, Shanti Kristian, Anand Arun, Cyrus, Satyananda, Ma Anand Madhu, Pyar, Veeresh, Nirvata., Bodhidarma (Rudra), Burkhardt Kiegeland, Deva Premal, Kiran, Madhukar Thompson, Ma Samarpan, Mega, Mikaire, Neeru, Osho Priya, Osho Shailendra, Osho Siddharth, Paul Lowe, Ramateertha, Rumi Da, Sahaba, Samdarshi, Satyam Nadeen, Siddharta, Susan, Tyohar, Vasant Swaha, Wadud & Waduda.
Only 2 out of 54 stated their willingness to workplay together. With another 4 people the communication is still in process.
Many re-acted. 
Some by hiding behind borrowed words, some replied but still avoided to answer the question. Some answered the question in such an indirect way that it was hard to guess what they wanted to say. Others showed their arrogance only. Some people felt not respected, insulted or bothered and launched verbal attacks. None of them showed a trace of humour.
Hardly anybody was even considering the possibility to workplay together. (" If so, let's connect and stay in connection so that we can find ways to work  and play together.") Almost everybody stated directly or indirectly that they  want to do their thing alone. A few were only interested to use our place for their own Satsang – show or their groups. In a few, looking at their publications and their answers, clear signs of madness (divine madness) are shown.
Some people didn't answer at all.
To the people who didn't answer I sent a second and finally a third letter.
In every letter I asked them to say at least something.
What reasons do they have not to answer?
Are they cowards ?
Or is the saying true : The clever ego hides in stillness….
This is the state of affairs up to now. If there is a sincere interest from your side to look into the documentation of this affair, I'm ready to communicate with you.I guess for any visitor of satsangs, groups and centres it will be enlightening to have a good look behind the public face.
To me it was surprising and almost shocking that many of the ones addressed have at least two faces… For satsang givers satsang teachers who claim to be awakened or enlightened the question appears: Does enlightenment or awakening have a public and a private face ?
Or is the timeless definition still true :
Enlightenment means oneness,
is the absence of different personas