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Fri Feb 29, 2008 9:01 am

 Dear Noby and all ,

Did not get the time to go and fix up her name , but most likely it is going to be samraddhi - (meaning - fulfilment/Prosperity)

Currently I have a good job in IT but its going to be a tough time for Indian Exporters -

Appreciating Rupee,

Declining Dollar

Rising OIL,

and above all "The great housing slump in US" -S U B P R I M E Crisis

So as always I have left everything to existance 

Not now dear , since last jan 07' the stocks are falling like water fall, the Indian IT cos are desperately reducing Bench strenght. cutting down Onsite resources. and IT staff is no longer getting pampered.

So work hours have increased, frequency of working on saturdays and sundays has increased  , and every one is doing his / her best to keep the client happy

many times I ask myself - Am i living for work or Am i working for Living

but now with a lovey soulmate and a cute sweet daughter, these questions are left better to be answered by existnace

Well its the time of appraisal cycle here in IT sector , and good appraisal is not possible this year, so why not get it from the cyberspace

Today the Indian FM is presenting the budget and the stock exchange is fucked up badly

IT index is down by 2.5% , and my dream of buying a small 1-2 BHK in mumbai is again shattered !!!!

Long live the LAND LORD!!!, I will continue to pay him rent with 30% increase in rent every 11 months from my hard earned money  

Well thats it from me, existance takes cares of everything bla bla bla bla...........


paddy (got screwed up by investing in bear market )

many times I ask myself -

Am i living for work or

Am i working for Living