Widderstein - KleinWalsertal

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Again one of these weekends I ask myself: ''Why, oh why do I write with and for all these people?'' Everyone of these guys knows all the best for him/her-self - like I know for myself.

Nobody wants to listen to anything else, but his very own convictions. We live and die this way.

Many people have tried, to share their conviction in our n0by-group - conditioned mind with books and believes from sannyas-, christian- or new age.

conditioned mind with books and believes 


Most have left our n0by-group in disgust, open own groups for the reason, to censor unwanted voices and this they do.

Do some groups from sophisticated minds serve a political point? Are the customers aware of the background? Are outsider able to explore, from which money- and mind-resources these group leaders are moved? 

An example: Who pays SSarlo for his work as Master of the Sannyas-Web-Ring and of the E-Groups GuruRat and LeavingOsho? Who pays Kerry Katz for his Nonduality-New-Age-Religion advertising? What has motivated Bob Rose for a group with the name ''Meditation Society of America''?

Are outsider able to explore


More examples: Have you observed in our n0by-egroups the political players or priests, who get paid with money, respect and attention? Do you remember, Jeff Belyea, the author and group-leader, who claims enlightenment? Or did you dive into the world of the Bhagwan Sannyasins like for collective constellation Ramarshi or for Hypnotherapy Sw. Chaitanyo?

Another example: Does Gene Poole hide behind a mask? What is behind those sophisticated superiority, that avoids an emotional touch? What happens, when someone breaks with emotions through this armoured mind? Will fascist furore build up the broken walls immediately?

Or did you dive into the world of


More examples from our n0by gathering: These people like Veet Tom and Laleela are they real so rich in their inner and outer world, that they have to lock these richness in sheltered environment?

One great exception in our cyber world: Kabir, Michael I know since five years from life meetings too. Kabir walks his talk! Kabir is definitely not in such strong way influenced by arduous attacks or false flatteries, that he changes his mood to fulfilled or failed expectations.

Kabir simple IS. Kabir is real. 

More examples... 


Kabir always argues, to close our n0by gathering, to destroy all sites. There is no sense in all these written words. Neither there can be any sense ever in those scriptures, everybody picks pleasure parts like vultures flesh from corpses. 

After all these examples and experiences with people, who write and read, my answer gets more and more clear: I write for myself!

This little, lovely diary of my daily life with sweetness and sorrows, with my daughter, her sister, the women, I love: my Mimamai first.

Mimamai first


It always the same, a world of quarrelling and grabbing maniacs for personal advantage. It the same in the newspaper, TV, the media.

I escape in my fantasy and drink from the real world, mother nature: the mountains, weekend excursions and rare meetings with friends.

Saturday I climb the Widderstein, 2533 Meters high, from the last little village in ''Klein Walsertal'', named ''Baad'' (1200). 

The walk was five hour one way - last two hours on all four. It's dangerous to loose the grip, when you climb in these mountains of stone. Danger comes, when stones jump down over your head. These experiences are exciting and very real.

I climb the Widderstein


The reflections of our actions in the media and cyber sharing are poor substitutes for real adventure. 

When you feel a connection from my reality with yours, can't we enter together in the paradise of understanding in all our differences? Are differences, controversities, provocations challenges for heart touching emotions like the dangerous steep mountain path challenge the body?

Sure many people don't like to climb in the mountains. I guess, there are many people, who don't dare to encounter peaks and valleys of emotional pain and pleasure. Does this help? 

Can our mind influence natural events? Can a spell change the weather, climate, mood or health?

My answer is: NO!

Can our mind influence natural events?


My muscles hurt from the long mountain walks yesterday. They relax in the warm water bath in Oberstdorf, ''Crystal Therme''.

It's the warmest day in Munich since all weather report done here: 24,8 degree Celsius.

My mood changes to sadness, when I leave the beautiful sunny mountains with the colourful leaves in autumn. All is fine so far in my live, but still sadness comes! Do people avoid such kind of bad mood, when you adore something, you believe as ''divine''? A Guru? Your best believes about yourself?

Do you feel more worthy, when people are friendly in reality or cyber-space? Do you expect people, life and events for your pleasure? Will you fight against people, life and events, when your expectations are not fulfilled?

Your best believes about yourself?