the concept of violence


The concept of violence

Nearly 5.000 Kilometres we are on our trip, I call 'Northern Voyage' through Sweden, Norway, Denmark back home.

Midnight has passed. The meditative hour in darkness and silence does not bring peace to my mind to relax in sleep.

Tense nerves in the mechanism of thoughts feel motivated to share via moving fingers on the Palmtop Psi0N 3c keyboard with four square millimetres keys to share this inner urge with the blessed ones, who dive together into the sea of thoughts formed by experiences flowing into deed.

My doing facts have been, that the very day, we call 'Walpurgis night', when Bhagwan's personal secretary Ma Anand Sheela started her public rehabilitation service for 15 Euros entrance fee about her real devotion to Her Master in those times of pressure and troubles, when all the world misunderstood the touching beauty of the most peaceful realized 'Enlightened Master' since the times of Buddha and Socrates, that my energy felt moved, to miss her splendid rehearsal in Munich and to buy this rolling home, I call 'N0bydick' and enjoy since this very day around 15.000 Kilometres on nearly every weekend and now here in our year holidays with my woman friend Mimamai. Was this sentence long enough?

The subject, that crystallized in my midnight moon meditation is called 'the concept of violence', what should be written in full truth to myself with a good egg cup of Akvavit, 45 % alcohol, a pure violent poison to my sensitive brain and body with the punishing danger of pain in my head, when the first light brings our trained travel closed community Mima and me back into reality, back into action.

That intends these words are no activity at all in measurement of action but pure fantasy. This distinction is a kind remembrance to my cherished reader, who otherwise is soon, to soon, lost in judgements of such deep disgust, that he will betrayed of the fruits of this lecture: 'the concept of violence'.

The competition of survival on planet Earth is won by two most different kind of animals: human and dogs.

Humans have specialized with brain activities, to use tools like fire, water, wind - like my fantasy moves these keys with my brain via my fingers.

The success of the other species, 'dogs', has been the ultimate surrender to their Master, the human. By this surrender, the dogs, are capable to catch the thoughts by intuition from their Master and connect even the most hysterical Idiot with Mother Nature. Maybe this kind we seen as an healing effect or at least effort in the 'Spirit-of-Love', that the most successful Mass murderer in the history of mankind, Adolf Hitler, has chosen like million other 'human masters', who order the slave nature of dogs. 

This so called 'love-concept' to the dogs is already one of the mega millions examples, that make up in my mind such a deep disgusting subject: 'the concept of violence'.

In the success, the survival success, in the animal life of dogs the human nature reveals her roots to this 'concept of violence'.

There is no urge in most humans, to find something out about themselves, how they are seen and reflected in the eyes from a competitive human, most people prefer a connection with those kinds of humans, who play a 'dogs-rule' in their imagined mastership. 

That does not doubt a single moment, that there are real Masters, who are able to smell, see and influence the 'dog-ruled' instincts, to please each other in their imagined mastership, the most common disease in social life: a sucking addiction for love, money, power, sex and attention.

In the spiritual New Age Religions and Movements the greed for 'insights', 'advaita', 'nonduality' up to 'enlightenment' are on the wish-list of those sucking addiction for 'other-worldly-goods'.

In this easy plumbable emanations the watcher with awareness soon finds nothing new but the law from animal- and stone-age-times: 'the concept of violence'.

In this 'concept of violence' are all values exactly the contrary of their meaning. When a salesman advertises for example 'honesty' you can be convinced of false promises. When a politician pretends 'less taxes', when he comes into power, you can be sure, that the same man will increase the taxes. When the soldiers fight for 'peace', the killing catastrophe will not stop, before the last reserve has lost all blood in the battle.

These easy manipulated humans dream to be the winners in the 'concept of violence', otherwise who would run into such disaster in 'free will'?

As matter of fact 'the concept of violence' programs these human like robots according to the need of nature, a need far beyond the imagination capacity of such manipulated robots by their minority and inferiority glimpse in ongoing substitution un-satisfy able addictions like for power, sex, love, attention and New and Old Age Religious achievements.

Scientific results are in the same way polluted from this disease, this ordinary disease, that the global compensation can be seen as '21st century schizoid man'. 

That means, that all results of anything will be immediately contradicted by damage on the other side.

By this global game somehow the balance is kept by 'concept of violence'.

No matter, how many people have to share the same resource on Planet Earth like water, food, soil, air and knowledge, the result is unpredictable for the calculating cunning Master Minds, who believe and pretend to their believers, to rule in true mastership 'the concept of violence'.

They are not the rulers, like the manipulated followers are neither victims nor winners in anything. All these robots follow the stream of existence like for example the immeasurable vibration and influence of the stars, moon and sun radiance on human nerves, muscle and brain system.

There maybe some men, some rare men, on a mystical path to understand their robots mechanics a bit better and to surrender in this their understanding to these watched existential laws in- and outside, but the majority will always prefer an easy adoration in the disease of 'concept of violence', their addiction to love, sex, money, power and All Ages Religions.

As far I can report in my own authority, there is not even anything, what can be done about this robot mechanical existential fate. Either someone gets by grace of existence and conscious, arduous work against these all influences and impacts from social global disease and disaster some strings to your inner instrument to tune into harmony with the influence of the real reality in contrary to the imagined hallucination or you don't get this grace of existence.

The reader of these word works gets in the arduous challenge to soak the sense of this night message into the own brain being, the reader of these word works gets a chance more than others, who never have time nor courage to dive so deep in the realm of a reality tuned and turned on by grace of existence.

Because 'the concept of violence' has deformed the human mechanism into a robot of love-, sex-, power-, money- and All-Ages-Religions our quality to read is filtered and downsized according to a mediocre understanding into those judgments, who please ourselves into a weird winner situation, when we are definitely lost into imagined hallucination of our 'own mastership of destiny'. That's another robot program of the 'concept of violence' inbuilt into our system since hundreds of generations by power ruling addicts of love, sex, money and attention.

When your urge, to clean up your system, your inner reality from the pollution of stone-age adaptation to a survival system comparable to dogs lives, when your urge, to clean up your system reading with those filtering rotten mechanism will not be enough.

So the real courageous readers, who are willing to give 'name-&-number' of his state of consciousness now, can, will and has to participate in the fire test of free communication in our n0by group, designed and created for the one and only purpose to guarantee the flow of freedom of speech.

To give 'name-&-number' means simple, to tell your name, gender, age and profession and to write as honest from your life reality like you are used to tell your next intimate partners of your life.

That is the first condition, to participate in this free flow of attempts to destroy filtering judgmental systems and to get your strings tuned and turned on to a more unpolluted reality.

The next condition is much harder to endure in this free flow of gathering: you can not expect any respect for your disease of addiction in power-, love-, money-, sex- and All-Age-Religions obsessions!

That means, that you have to be ready, to accept all attacks on your innermost 'holy ghosts of convictions', how your inbuilt program of generations in 'the concept of violence' is felt inside and defended with all obsessive addicts in the power-, money-, sex- and All-Ages-Religions-disease.

The word hammering on your sheltering armour of your addictive obsessions in your power-, money-, sex- and All-Ages-Religions-disease will be felt the more hurtful, you try to hold on to your 'concept of violence'.

But when your suffering in your 'concept of violence' has already grown to unbearable heights, that you are either lost in social insecurity or tortured by health-, heart-, lunge-, skin-, stomach- or whatever failure or both or suffering from unsatisfyable addiction to love-, sex-, money-, power- and All-Age-Religions, in this phase of FEELING YOUR UNFUNCTIONABLE ROBOT MECHANISME according to a happy, holy, healthy tune-in and torn-on to heavens hallelujahs even in your last breath- and death-process, in this case you will thankful participate in our free flow n0by gathering and dive into word cascades, who fill flow from yourself and into your self and free yourself into the flow of change: from robot mechanics programmed in the 'concept of violence' towards an celestial instrument in harmony with heavens eternal existential love laws beyond all addictive obsessions and even beyond the endless mind mill grabbing machine mechanism of never satisfied obsessive addiction for love, sex, money, power and All-Ages-Religious-Achievements.

You may feel like a dog in tune with your Master, but deep down you feel like God's Dog - not anymore an imagined hallucination but your experienced reality.

But when you first fail in free flow of communication in the n0by gathering, how can you succeed in the rough reality? 

The n0by gathering is nothing but a children sandbox to explore your mind mechanism, but this sandbox gets harder each day, the more you grow with others in your adult age of standing your reality as programmed robot in the 'concept of violence' as addict of love-, power-, money-, sex- and All-Age-Religious-Achievements.

3.08 a.m. 09/30/04

Continued on 8.45 a.m. on the highway not far from Wuerzburg in direction to south: the ones, who get this, and read this from different groups, where the 'majority' wish has either moderated my word works in parts or for some time or plan to moderate my word works in case of unpleasured feelings for their armoured engraved body prison of obsessive addiction to love-, sex-, money-, power- or and All-Ages-Religious-Achievements will not get the pressure of free group gathering only possible in an environment, where every kind of censorship is OUT OF ANY DISCUSSION, those people may enjoy and celebrate their sheltered environment! But beloved reader, be ensured: this sheltering system of closed, censored culture prison even in e-groups mirrors the global common disease of most individuals in societies: the addiction for power-, love-, money-, sex- and or All-Age-Religious-Achievements!

The medicine in a free sharing of will surely felt for bordered brains as an opposite concept of violence according to that concept of violence, people are programmed as robots in the disease of love-, sex-, power-, money- and or All-Ages-Religious-Achievements obsessive addiction.

Even your welcomed and cherished and blessed participation with your open face, name and number in our free gathering, where you join with an e-mail

will be no guarantee to bring you one step closer to reality out of the global disease of love-, sex-, money-, power- and or All-Ages-Religious Achievements and longing.

All word works are works of words only and in this brain bordered by filtering activities of your armoured system to cell level in the global common disease, the emotional black plague of addictive obsession to money-, power-, sex-, love- and All-Ages-Religious achievements and longings.

That ultimate step towards REALITY each and every individual will pushed only by grace of existence.

Your willingness to absorb the essence of this literate love lecture, your willingness, to accept the invitation to and your work and devotion to the challenges, you have to encounter there, are only one little move in the direction, where you prepare yourself for the miracle to come: the break down of your armoured system into muscles and cells level and to break through into rough reality without resistance and filtering judgments according to the common global disease of your programmed concept of violence.

So are you ready to stay attacks of other ones from the concept of violence on your concept of violence?

Than join the chaotic un-censored e-group of n0by by this mail now:

thanks for following this severe suggestion with a smile! 

Silent, anonymous observers get lost, you definitely do not fit in the fight to break down your concept of violence! You fit better in the slime lickers lurkers global social disease of obsessive addicts for love-, sex-, power-, money- and All-Ages-Religious Achievements!