Sweet seduction ''Fuck me''

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Fantasies from a sweet female voice on a fullmoon weekend - alone in the Austria Alpes.

In this little lake by the road it's forbidden to swim. Exhausted my body trespasses these orders two times: in the evening I find this place next to the street. Motorhomes are not forbidden to stay at this place. The little lake is just beside the parking place behind green trees.

Mittersee Fernpass

The walk high in the mountains has finished all energy. In thinner air above 2.000 meters the longues pump up the blood harder with oxygen. Eight hard marching hours, where not even sheep find grass anymore. Walk with highest concentration, the stone in this steep desert roll down into the abyss, when your foot doesn't find a safe place!

stone desert 

Ambigous you want to climb the top! The cross on the hill comes nearer and nearer. One last half hour and you''ll be there. You climb against the clock, hours pass without mercy. Clouds gather from from south, in the west, north, east - all around you!

Cross on the top

At 3.00 p.m. you plan to return from 2500 meters back into the valley around 900 meters. At 3.30 p.m the body alarms inside. The inner voice shouts: ''go back''! In this moment your body has to follow. Suddenly your senses watch nature with all alarmed awareness: Clouds come closer and closer. Rapidly the daylight turns into a grey scary great ghost!

Clouds coming up

Your feet hurry up. The body follows instinctively. The red marked stone signs on the slippery steep path are hard to find sometimes. You feel danger getting closer and closer. Some places are extreme: you look down in the abyss hundreds of meters deep.

you look down in the abyss

Life destructive devils inside whispers seductive: ''Jump! Jump, to finish this once and forever!'' But a sweet, little, hot female rolls around like a cat in fool moon mood and her whisper is life seductive with the sweetest voice inside: ''fuck meeeee!''

Tears of thankfulness fill the eyes: they don't want to make mind dizzy any longer by looking down in abyss. These eyes watch careful again the steep slippery path back in the valley! The clouds from the back start hunting the body in hurry, a storm from the valley tries to blow away your baseball cup from your head. You don't need protect your head against the sun anymore. You take your coat out from your backpack, you put on some more shelter for this your marching machine high in the mountains, to get down, where the sheep stay on safer places.

sheep stay on safer places

One moment missing attention and a stone starts his rolling loud dance into the abyss. Scared your eyes follow the big like a head hunting rolling jumping higher and higher, crushing into two parts, both dance a quicker hell drive down somewhere to rest again. Finished and tired. Similar all muscles feel inside, when you have reached the high green place, where calfs with bells feed their mouth from mother earth grass. So calming. Again you feel sheltered with this seductive invitation for life: '''Fuck meeee!'''

 seductive invitation for life: '''Fuck meeee!'''

Your body relaxes. A look back doesn't make you afraid anymore. The mountains have covered their heads with great gloves of clouds. That's the name of this mountain, your tired feet just brought your body back: ''glove top''. The last 800 to 1000 meters down to the car in the valley will go quite easy.

A look back 

One liter water for five, six hours march in this stone desert above the grass is never enough. I fill my bottle from the next little fountain by the road closer the valley . Water, cold water! What's better to bring the burning body back to love his life? A seductive sweetheart next to you in your fantasy world? Again she moans: ''Fuck meeee!

Again she moans: ''Fuck meeee!

Back in the car my stomach swallows from the two liter bottle filled in the mourning with mountain water the half part. All doors are open to blow fresh evening air in the heated up rolling room. The gas bottle closed, the fridge works on electricity again. The solid 2,5 half liter Diesel engine starts again this murmuring sound: ''Fuck meeee!''' Ops, sorry, ''drive me'', murmurs the motor. ''Drive with me in fantasy land.'' So only 10 minutes more, the car stops at this marvelous place now - just by the side of this little lake!

the car stops at this marvelous place 

12 hours sleep! Several times some heated young men from disco nights fever drive by with loud horn signals and shouts. Three, four times these boys signalize in overwhelming energy: ''We're alive and ready for anything!'' On Friday night has killed a nineteen years young boy in a car two seventeen years young girls, injured others badly. The young man just drives through the night and shows his car to sliding in an outburst of high spirits. The boy lost control. His friends die in an awful accident! Never again these sweet seventeen will moan: ''Fuck meee!'' A sharp sword separates life from death - like emotions accept or reject.

A sharp sword separates life from death 

Soft female sweetness moans longing for life: ''Fuck meeee!''' Weird Warriors want to melt in her womb. Thankfully you are touched by those mysteries in a full moon night. Her life brings love to you: '''Fuck meeee!''' Thanks, life giving and saving women, for your tear touching truth! Embrace you with delight!

Embrace you with delight!

The Sunday brings a calm walk around here in the woods. Green lakes shimmer in the valley. An endless long noisy serpent of cars cross countries on this road from Germany over Austria to Italy. I walk the little path at the side of road. Romans have crossed the Alps on this way two thousands years ago. Avalanche from ice, stones and stones have killed travelers here in this pass.

endless long noisy serpent of cars cross countries 

Flash and thunder roll over my head. Heavy rains soak my trousers and shoes. Again the body hurries to get a bit warmer in this cold water flood around. A voice teases you, to return in safety: ''Fuck meee!''

Heavy rains soak my trousers and shoes. 

Mimamai's voice on the phone. Some little, lovely words from my home under the sky to our home, sweet home. A seductive voice, to bring back, what she always asks from me: ''Do you bring me a little horse?'' 

Her wishing tender voice reminds on the basics of life: ''Fuck meee!''

''Do you bring me a little horse?''