Dear, dear readers, special Joyce!

That your adress, Joyce, has been published against your will I have not seen, when I had a first short look on the affected letter. Life is insecure. This our playground, our kids garden brings lot of psychologial attacks and dangerous energies. Once a lovely, young Lady, who could not stand my provocations, published my adress online. She had fun in this letter to advice her Russian Mafia friends, to break my fingers. Here my name and adress:

Erhard Thomas, Floriansmuehlstr. 6, 80 939 Munich

For sensitive women, mothers with little kids it is a wonder, that you around. What would male men be without you? Nothing! Don't let your voice be silence, when weird warriors line up for ''wild boys words wide pissing competition.'' Most is done to impress females. It's natural. Adult females accept us smiling. Isn't it true?

Watzmann-House in Rain

At lake Chiemsee accidently in the Tourist Office I find an Internet Terminal and feel anguish from your letters, Joyce. I don't want you to suffer. So this letter was the first one I have deleted. 

Valerie has - for my feelings - no sense for such minor details. I guess, nobody would have even noticed your adress without your complains. Now your adress is gone from the public archiv, I am happy, to have another young woman in our grumbling gathering with your flowerful expressions. Maybe you'll trust this strange place a bit more?

BTW: 7/23/2004 4:44 pm yetigal <yetigal at yahoo.com> Unsubscribe via web - please people, can we relax a bit for a while? Life gets harder each day anyway closer to death!

Wimbach-Flume in Rain

Isn't all love, what keeps us connected? Pure love - a bit polluted, perverted from society, upbringing, parents, ideologies? Don't you feel the pain in our sharings? Some miss money, some friends, Ramarshi wants Bhagwan back alive, some suffer in sickness, some look for a partner, others for jobs. 

Pain burns like fire. Pain heats up the emotions. Pain we  feel in an armoured muscle machin. Pain cracks up crazy closed circles of thoughts and emotionless mechanic minds. Pain is the teacher! This letter again goes for collective healing! The search for light of joy and bliss. This Lotus-Paradies - out of the mud.

Wimbach-Flume in Rain

My rolling home stands this Friday night near Koenigsee (King's Lake) in the German region Berchtesgaden, next to the Austrian Border. 

Above Koenigssee German people donated to their ''GroeFaz'' (Greatest Fuehrer of all Times) Adolf Hitler a house in the Alpes: Eagle's Net (Adlerhorst). Wherever you are in Germany, old people like me remember roots relicts of German's wrotten history. 

The mind-fights from our rawish restless Ramarshi remind us, how, people suffer in our Good Old German Country from those damned old times: Guilt and Shame Complex after 2000 years of Christian History, hundred of wars in Europe, the ridicolous Glory of German Emperor Wilhelm the II, all summed up in the ultimate terror regime of Adolf Hitler. Above all an immense minority complex, not to get enough attention, that the endless starving EGO deserves.

Wimbach-Flume in Rain

The Eagleís Nest was designed as a birthday present for Adolf Hitlerís 50th birthday by Martin Bormann on behalf of the NSDAP (Nazi Party).

Which story will come this weekend? Which weather? On the highway and just some minutes ago thunder rolls around, some rain. The mountains here are 2700 Meters high. The most famous one is called ''Watzmann''. Others are named ''Great Dog's Death'' ?Grosser Hundstod) Or ''Tobakman'', or ''Bears-Hole''. 

Good night to all our Lovely Ladies on Earth! A remote kiss to my sweet Mimamai at home,  virtual hugs for the courageous ones with us here! Friendly thoughts of thankfulness for all women, from all ages and regions. Good night. The Earth belongs to the women. I feel as guest welcome in this women paradies: our Mother Earth.

Sky connects us with light of love. Here - on the list - we do nothing but quarrels. We harm each other almost all the time. I avoid my own point of view. The Royal ''we'' feels safer in my loaded little life with shame- and guilt- and minority- complex. This too will pass and left behind sooner or later. That's how strong love is!

Except our rawish Rasputin Ramarshi: he already preaches from the unassailable ''Eagle's Net'' of N0-MIND-LAND! Blessed are all fantasies, to create paradise moments for a second during a lifetime in hell of desert dry minds!

Berchtesgaden, Saturday afternoon