Dear Readers,

full moon energy flash slowly is gone. 

What's the value of a woman by my side? She brings my mind back to reality. Not back, better forward. Into the real world. For what does the real world need words for? Futile words only for one purpose, one purpose only? To get attention? To share experience, pain and bliss?

Samedy night. I leave home 3. a. m. Mimamai's sweet body lays naked by my side. Her body signalises in sleep a waving sweet seductive invitation. Mind must go on. We shared Friday evening in Munich City, Indian food, sweet Mango Lassie. A depressive energy charges on me from these influence down town Munich. I leave the city, to swim in the cold lake for while. Swim, sleep.

Early awake, I silent leave home , fill Noby Dick with treasures for my weekend. Food is my treasure. My belly decides, where to drive. My belly chooses the Highway, 5 minutes from home to Austria, direction Salzburg. 

Wayback View on S

from home to Austria, direction Salzburg

There are times with 40, 50 Kilometers Stop+Go traffic jam on this road. On Samedy morning 4.00 a.m. the Noby Dick engine sings the murmuring sound of quick running wheels. The whistle of wind around the windows.

The greatest Bavarian lake after Lake Constance is Lake Chiemsee. Coming from Munich you drive from a hill, Irschenberg, and the lake shimmers like a great mirror. The morning sun climbs up under the clouds. Red, golden colours reflect the Chiemsee mirror. My beautiful mind mirrors the beautiful world. Or vice versa. A precious moment. A gem, a jewellery in memory, thankfully shared and shown to everyone, who likes to join my voyage. My voyage in life.

Salzburg Evening
My beautiful mind mirrors the beautiful world. 

Around 6.00 a.m. I reach the region of Bad Reichenhall. I leave the highway. In Austria, next town after the border is Salzburg, I have to pay the highway. Noby Dick wants to find little roads. A place to rest.

Some old fire engine attract my attention. I stop. My thoughts wander to SAC and his wife Ma Prem Divyam. Some impulse force to make a cell phone connection. Sure, Divyam wants to be my company on a walk in the mountains.

Rock Face
Some impulse force 
to make a cell phone connection.

So Noby Dicks wanders quickly some little streets back 30 Kilometres, to pick up this woman. Fresh after morning breakfast we start.

We drive on most tiny roads, some dead ends, 180 degree turn back. We want to climb on the biggest mountain near Salzburg. It's name: Untersberg.

A short prise of sleep before we start the long walk refills my body with energy. Coffee in the car, some sweets, filled Noby Dick with the lower priced gas oil in Austria, finally at 3.00 p.m. we start to climb up. 

Prem Divyam
and his wife Ma Prem Divyam

Step by step with thousands of stairs we carry our bodies higher and higher. We have to win 1.000 Meters of Height. A Cable Car above our heads flies to the top of hill.

Ma Prem Divyam goes quicker than I do. After two and a half hours we are above the height, where trees grow. Three mountain animals chamois jump around in the rocks. The cell phone rings. Mimamai from Munich asks, where I am. Breathless I report.

Three mountain animals chamois

Still the most steepest part of the climbing comes. The abyss to the right side, a cable to hold the hands on to left, trembling knees, one step, another stair, left step, another stair, right step, another stair. Ad infinitum. Trembling I sit for a while to eat an apple. Not much energy in an apple to continue an arduous walk. Finally saved!

Exhausted we sit and watch high around in the country. You feel close to heaven. A lovers orgasm after hours of heavy breathing together.

Still the most steepest part

Food, finally food! Bread, cheese, cherries. It's good, to feel alive. Dark clouds surround us suddenly. Time to leave the high seat.

Step down on another hundreds stairs again. The sun says Good Bye in a red fire ring. Theatre in all dimensions: reality. World beyond words. feelings.

World beyond words. feelings.

Ma Prem Divyam is not the women, to share her word via web connections. She tells around 20.000 to 50.000 words of wisdom a day. Mostly sannyas conditioned friendliness from Big Dead Daddy's Bhagwan honey- and melting pot. Bhogwosh.

It's near to darkness in the woods, when we come back to the valley. 10.00 p.m., we walk close together by the light on my forehead. Her feet hurt in Mimamai's shoes. Rich from Bhogwosh, poor from material, the typical sannyas sickness!

Salzburg on Ice

Back near the car, Divyam lies flat on the dirty ground. Some more of these empty gestures to thank heavens help, my mind mocks inside, like Pollack Pope kneels on the ground to kiss the cement.

I have a shower naked outside the car, prepare the bed under the roof for me, for her the bed below. Sleep till Sunday morning breakfast. Dreamless and deep!

Dreamless and deep

Ma Prem Divyam fills the room with her stories. Her ongoing fairytales, a mixture from fantasy and reality, keep my mind busy. That's good, a distraction from the mind wheel spinning continuously inside.

The Sunday we enjoy relaxed little walks in a nature park Untersberg with Kneip cold water for the feet. After lunch near a dwell with fresh mountains water we lay lazy in salty water in Bad Reichenhall. After one hour in this water my body sleeps exhausted. Now I am on my way home.

a good distraction from the mind wheel

I bring SAC back his wife. First she takes her things from McDonald, where she tried to work last week. 

All my longing wanders back to Mimamai. The highway to Munich back is crowed from cars. Later in the evening, when I drive, the way should be free. And finally the summer came! It's hot.

I bring SAC back his wife.