<-Pilgrimage to Passau

The ones, who travel together through these lines, are the ones ready, to leave behind concepts and convictions. That are the most honest ones - ready, to undress rules and ideologies of stinginess society, expectation of majority, leave behind success, win, gain, greed, the honest ones ready, to look in themselves, for themselves. Ready to travel to your utterly nakedness, aloneness, helplessness, ready to unburden your life load from all heritage of cultural, social and educational bondage. Who is ready? Are you ready?

Yes? OK, here we go: when you travel from Munich straight to the East, you drive around 150 Kilometres in our flat beautiful Bavarian green country. This country provides rich agriculture and fat cows. The river Inn takes floats from the snow melting mountains to the river Donau. Like the river gets bigger and the agriculture gets fatter, the concepts and convictions of people grow thicker. Even in a green flowering richness the people can starve in the deserts of closed mind.

After one hour drive east from Munich you come to the town ''Altoetting''. There Catholics pray to Virgin Mother Mary and ask help from heavens. The chapel is a sanctuary. Many little picturesque boards in primitive art report from all kind of miracles: saved from all kind of accidents, from death in sickness, wars, fire, floods - from all evil in- and outside.

Many little pictures boards...
(click for big pic)

The people in Altoetting donate religious and worldly work devotional for the need of the pilgrims. Pubs, restaurants and hotels sell food and shelter, shops offer candles. Deeply moved pilgrims buy a wooden cross, ornamented with suffering Holy Jesus. You admire statues for sale of Mother Mary in all her glory with baby boy Jesus in her arms or with eyes turned to heavens, hands folded in prayers, deep in pain feeling her suffering child, the young man on the cross. Most items made in Taiwan.

Cells phones, food, photographs are strictly forbidden inside the Holy Chapel, the Centre Source of Mother Mary's miracle powers. Like in Holy Ashrams you walk on top of your toes, you have to hide all rebelliousness against the organized army of believers in concepts and convictions blessed from the Holy Heaven above - build like prison cells in Churches and Chapels. Beautiful prisons of culture and art. Prison of power. Colours, smells and sounds seduce your feelings with sweet female warmth into surrender. Surrender to this power of G*D! You, you human ant, you are nothing! G*D Father in heavens is all! Jesus, his son gave, gives HIS life for your sins. Magnificent Priests of holy incense, sounds and colours guarantee: YOU FEEL G*D - or at least good. First pay you entrance fee, please. Do it voluntary or keep out! Keep out, shut up and don't trespass our Holy Claim! This is a question of authority! Choose, but choose right: HELL or heaven?

This and much more the pilgrims to Altoetting in Bavaria feel, enlightened enthusiastics book the youth voyage to Lourdes, South France, near the Spain Border. Two, three, four Holy Pilgrimages to your Mecca in Mind and Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Bhagwan, Karl Marx or Rockefeller will transform you forever into a devotional believer and fighter for concepts and convictions: Bible, Koran, Lectures, Communist Manifest or Wall Street Journal!

It's like an Inner Army, ordered by society, rules, education - and the believer starts his march: ''Close your eyes now, close your mind more, trap in trance and go: Left! Right! Alright! You shall be shaved!''

(((Chapel Altoetting - click for big pic))

Not far from Altoetting downwards east the River Inn in direction to Passau my voyage stops in Bad Fuessing. Again such a health industrial Thermal Bath environment for rich old people! These doters somehow survived the war, grabbed much money to retire in luxurious environment. Strongly society rules: Law and order! Motor homes keep out of town and parking places at night! All traffic forbidden from 0.00 to 6.00 a.m inside the Health park! Health park is half of the town. Silent like in Altoetting you walk around those doters with pockets full of money and cars from 50.000 Euros and above.

Bad Füssing

Young mothers like Khaleelajoy have to fight for each little toy for her boy, for each cigarette to buy. Those rich ones don't pay a penny for poor people! Sharing is not part of our culture. The Hamburg Newspaper publishes an article about Veet Tom last week, who can not watch football fights on TV. The owner of the house has cut the line, to make life as hard as possible! These poor people like Veet Tom should move out from his house! The owner wants to make much more money out of his possession. That’s the ground of greed, gain stinginess society!

Laws still protect German young mothers and poor people a bit. Times get harder each day. People from Africa, Asia try to enter our European Island of Richness. Many people pay this voyage with their life.

Outside Bad Fuessing I find a place to stay with Noby Dick, my motor home, undisturbed for six hours sleep. The night is warm. 4.00 a.m. first light, first birds announce the new day. A beautiful sun is born again. Red light baptize a new lover's day. Root in nature religious romance?

New Morning
New morning
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The Thermal Bath, build with money of the European Community, opens at 7.00 a.m. Two PCs with DSL available, free to use. For 9,50 Euros you bath your body for five hours. Different bathes are outside and inside. The temperature of the swimming pools range from 18, 28, 36, 37 to 39 Degree Celsius. My nerves are tense.

The ''evolution'' of the so called sannyas-list is - for my taste - again one of these slime snails sucking success stories. Nothing fails like success. Spiritual success, the shortest way into abyss.

General in groups ''leaders'' set the rules for the community. Even in cyber space. Tatina, the leading agent of the female power fraction, goes for her dream to bully the boys. How long? Until they revolt, turn into gays or change gender. Worse than bogus: first she bullies all females, to follow her orders! Or? Leave! Do these women flourish under rapture and repression?

Tatina goes for her dream to bully the boys.

Power has no mercy. Without mercy no feelings. Without feelings no heart connection. Without heart connection no life connection. Without life connection mind turns to a mechanical robot. A robot mechanical mind feels no human humbleness.

These robot leaders programm followers into robots. Robots with sheepish mentality. Retarded in boredom. Agitated only under attack. Life attacks continuously. The more mechanical minds close up, the more life attacks. When mechanical minds close complety to repress carthatic confrontation, cells inside the brain revolte against pressure: brain tumor, brain stroke - inevitable.

After all existence has mercy and helps to heal: the cure transforms mechanical mind back to human humbleness. At least on the death bed.
The late Onty - dead about one year now - used to say: ''The Mommies Empire.''

Mitra and Sarlo, I guess, got an order from Pune, to close ChitChat sannyas Scene. Reason: damage for reputation, damage for biz. How can mechanical minds accept logical laws of existence? TAO calls into abyss! First TAO needs to break up mechanics of mind. Process to feel again. Known as ''suffering''. Afterwards experienced as ''healing''. Pain is the teacher!

The Sado-TAO preaches for mediocre mechanical masochistic minds. Pain more than pleasure, beyond expectations!

TAO destroys the ghetto of Religious Retarded. Poor Pune and great Gene Poole victims are left behind! Who still buy beliefs into Bhagwan's or NonDual advertising? ''Enlightenment, mind's last disease!'' Watch our Robots here: EMIL and Ramarshi, opposite in similarity!

My tense, sensitive nerves need to rest. I water my body for hours in thermal floods. After three hours the warriors mind wants to repeat his mechanical program: Food for the fridge, lunch, coffee and finally the fat car engine sounds satisfying: The journey continues.


''Enlightenment, mind's last disease!'' 

35 Kilometers from Bad Fuessing is Passau. One more of these Bavarian catholic centres with huge churches, priests universities.

Three flowers meet in Passau: Inn, Ilz and Donau. Flood catastrophes hunt the people: last 2002. Some scientist say, the climate heating brings more energy in the water circuit. The Mediterranean Sea produces more clouds. More clouds bring more rain. These mass of rains fall

a) South from the Alps. Result in flood catastrophes for River Po in North Italy.

b) North from the Alps: Result flood catastrophes for the rivers Loisach, Isar, Inn and Donau.

c) In the middle mountains in Tcheslowakia, Germany: Result flood catastrophes for River Elbe.

For all scenarios have been examples the last five, ten years.

Passau is beautiful. Tourists enter big ships with luggage. Busloads from Polish Orchestra enter the ships, to entertain the guests. In the church is a concert of classical music, entrance cards are still available. I have no concentration, tranquillity, to enjoy two hours of music. I leave Passau in the evening rain, drive back to Bad Fuessing. More rain will come. I park the car in the same spot like the night before. The rain rhapsody on the plastic roof accompanies these words. Similar wine from Austria, a quarter of a litre like last weekend: Blue Zweigelt. 10.00 p.m: my world falls asleep.

Catastrophe coming: Banana tree in Munich!?

Donau Inn
Passau is beautiful
(click for big pic)

Three hours later, 1.00 a.m. Some wine is left in the bottle. That helps to enjoy the party better. People celebrate around 100 meters away from my home on wheels. Cars come and go. Loud music announces the wish of German emperor Wilhelm, the II, the Prussian, ''WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!'' Ramarshi judges the dead emperor as ‘’guilty’’ – guilty for the loss of his families treasure, wide landed property somewhere far East from Germans border after 1945.

''We'', shouts the song of that Emperor, ‘cos all Emperors are servants of the people. Or is Freddy Mercury, the singer, an emperor of hearts to buy his record? Like ‘’Enlightened Emperor Bhagwan’’ has booked people like OshoSac and Ramarshi as advertising agents till their last breath?

Or told some Guru to his disciples: ''We are the champions, the chosen few, next to °ENLIGHTENMENT°?'' As long you follow the authorities! Nowadays personalized in the CHAMPION LEADER! The NEW MAN, servant of us? Ramarshi? Tatina? Sarlo? Isaac Shapiro? Gangagi? Living Kabir? OshoSac? Me? Best my boss Mimamai! She is the champion – in real life.

You, my most patient, beloved reader, you know an other answer? Yes? Please, mail it - but mail it to our free gathering




To reward your busy patience, to stay with your eyes on these lines, to travel in my little bit drunken, sleepless night in fantasy land, and special for Hans and all customers of Poonjaji-Satsang Sellers: ''Snip your finger and realize: It IS THIS!''

You don't like the Papaji-branch, 'cos you prefer Bhagwan? Or Buddha original? Or Jesus Christ? Or Mohammed? OK, OK, beloved reader, these floppy fingers write for your service, to enjoy our time together!

What you want? 99 naked virgins with tied arms over her heads, that you easy can open her legs to enter her marvellous bodies? One after an other with floods of virgin blood and red wine? Oh, forgive me! Blasphemy of paradise? How about this mixture in mind? A Frankenstein designed from German Emperor Wilhelm, the II, mixed with crazy killer A.H., Bhagwan and Ramarshi?


Forgive me, beloved readers! Have these lines hurt your religious feelings? Don't burn the books, don't ban the author! Blame yourself! Why did you read n0by's lecture? Blasphemy bullshit tries to take away your ''freedom to believe''! But you know, what's RIGHT IN YOUR WORLD! What’s wrong in mine, you know even better! Sobsobsob. Therefore n0by censored worldwide! THAT IS RIGHT, 'COS YOU ARE RIGHT!

Definetly and absolutly: ''WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS....'' ..of blablabla, don't you agree?

A Frankenstein designed from German Emperor Wilhelm, the II, mixed with crazy killer A.H., Bhagwan and Ramarshi?

The party is over. 3.00 a.m. All cars left - except one last. Beasty boys throw bottles in the glass containers in the middle of the night - next to my rolling home. I feel at home in this car. I handle the 1001 items in darkness. Full awake of these last sips of wine my teeth remind to brush them. All done in darkness. Now, what's left to do, before sleep helps out again or the Europe Therme with free Internet PCs opens again at 7.00 a.m.?

OshoSac - not far from here

OshoSac lives not far from here: around one hour drive, I guess. OshoSac is awaked most nights. A friend has paid his flat rate. OshoSac is too poor to pay for himself. OshoSac works for public attention with the fastest growing group in the web.

Do there meet horny, sexual repressed people, to get connection to the free wild sex life, fantasies in WorldwideWeb? People from East and West! What do you want? F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! Hallelujah!

Shall I continue to write? Gene Poole has clearly analyzed my web-works, qualified with severe judgment: ''character assassination!''

What corpses keeps Gene Poole in the cellar, what dirt throws Gene Poole under the carpet? Why does Gene Poole publishes here with ongoing admiration for anonymous Emil? Why does Gene Poole censors my word works for his e-group NDS? Means something like NaziDumpSociety, nowadays established by Moses conditioned believers with New Mecca Jerusalem.

Does Gene Poole sleep until judgement day from existence shakes him up? For what praises Gene Poole his work somehow as cult bashing expert since 1992?

OshoSac makes me co-moderator in his group. Sometimes I phone with OshoSac. His stories are so strange, I hardly can’t believe my own words! But before you blame me for fever fantasies, why don't you ask OshoSac? Or look at his ''planes'', how to spend his parents heritage of around 100.000 Euros in India: He plans an India travel with wife and his 12 years old daughter. OshoSac will open up several ''Meditation- and Growth-Centres'', will buy an Indian Elephant, will pay an Indian Elephant warden and will make money from Indian Elephant ride to rent! Fantastic or fever fantasy? 

OshoSac works for public attention with the fastest growing group in the web.


For what praises Gene Poole his work somehow as cult bashing expert since 1992?

OshoSac is addicted to around 30, 40 cigarettes daily, but threatens people, to leave his body in three days only without his ''anchor''. OshoSac polishes poisonous smoke with the word ''anchor''. Before I continue, should I travel the way, to collect more impressions?

OK, the belly intuition advices to drive. A coffee in the night, one Soya chocolate desert cold from the fridge - and the journey goes on. Sweet surfing on Bavarian roads. Through clouds, fog and rain. 6.00 a.m. I arrive at OshoSac's home. No one opens, even the light burns in his room - as far I remember his room with the broken window.

Short rings on the phone, no answer. My expectations, an opening door by the sound of Noby Dick's engine in the silence of these few houses around, fail. My expectations, that he opens his broken window for my clandestine whistle, fails. My expectation, he picks up the phone after five, six time ringing, fails.

Mimamai in the Munich morning answers the phone call immediatly. The strength of a woman, Mimamai holds my tense nerves after sleepless nights. In her arms my body rests like a sheltered child.

What I wonna argue about with Sac? Even none of my points are real my concern, but the mind wheel spins these thoughts:

1. Why do you want to spend your father's heritage in India?

2. Why don't you pay your life here and help your daughter to prepare in good schools for life?

3. Why do you hold to your fantasies, to ''communicate with Osho directly?''

4. Why don't you build up a reality in the place, where you live? Is this not your ''here-now''.

5. Why do you threaten your wife and people with a fantasy like this: ''When I quit my anchor to smoke, I leave my body in three days!''?

6. Why do you spam e-mail-lists nearly daily with some esoterically wisdom from third rate preachermen?

7. Why don't you cut your nails of your toes?

  SACs Family
Sac's Family: Divyam, Leela, Sac (click for big pic

6.30, my body asks for a sleep now. Wakeup 9.30: we meet and enjoy hot discussions. Sac doesn't leave his PC. Loud talks with his wife about life in their kitchen. The daughter leaves her room and asks: ''Why do you quarrel ? '' My answer: ''We don't quarrel, we just share energy!'' The daughter, 12 years young: ''No you quarrel. Don’t you see my silence? I'm much ahead of you!'' Her mother supports her fanatically: ''She's right!'' I angry: ''Spoiled Brat!’’ - something I call my Esther daughter too, to point to the fact of years life experience ahead.

For more intense influence I invite the mother Ma Prem Divyam, to leave her home, and prepare breakfast in my car. Later we invite the daughter via cell phone call. She joins, later comes Daddy Sac too. Strictly ordered: Leave your cigarette outside. He follows. We discuss all questions above in a funny atmosphere. The number seven, concerning his long toes nails, is solved. Sac has cut them all!

Around 14:30 Mother Ma Prem Divyam and her daughter, we drive together to Ruhpolding - a big public bath, 40 Kilometers away from Laufen. I have to pay the entrance fees, 'cos they don’t have money. Sac smokes so much from his monthly rent, that Mother Divyam has to pay the milk for her man. Milk helps, to take the poison out of Sac's system, they believe. Bhagwan has adviced Sac, to drink milk. So they believe better. Funny people, funny Sunday in rain.

170 kilometres drive home. On the High Way N0by Dick flies with around 160 kilometres an hour. The new moon is born with a sharp sickle in dark blue sky. I'm happy. Alive.

Ruhpolding - Sauna bath