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The fullmoon week, start of June, finished! Success: the job is done, my daughter in holidays in Ischia with her friend. Thermal bathes help her body. My weekend: little holiday journey in the rainy mountains. 

It's closed to midnight, not far from Munich near Seeshaupt, means ''head village'', where Lake Starnberg starts. I park N0by Dick in Saint Heinrich, the parking place of a pub, called ''Fisher Rose''.

I prepare the car for the night. The gas oven and the fridge, full of food, are working, the jalousies inside the windows and a curtain to the driver cabin give a nice, calm, warm atmosphere. Relax.

This spring is mostly cold and rainy. So much rain! Rivers start to flow over some streets. Right now the raindrops play a rhythmic rhapsody on the roof top of N0by Dick.

After my job a lake next to our living place invites, to refresh and rebuild the body from long hours at the desktop. My mind moves these funny, floppy fingers to fantasy fairytales. Facts from my mystical dreamland. Mystic or my tick?

Political world news from the radio, tv, newspapers or the web report reckless awful absurdities. Not worth to memorize one second only. The song of the birds, the sound of the raindrops, even the humming of the cogs wheels inside N0by Dick's Diesel engine connect to deeper lawyers of mysteries than the outside world absurdities. Absurdities like Ramarshi's concepts about my ancestors, Heinrich, my grandfather. The car parks now near the church of ''Saint Heinrich. It's a public place, reserved for visitors of the restaurant ''Fisher Rose''. Surely my Grandfather Heinrich had nothing to with people like ''Saint Heinrich'', surely my Grandfather had nothing to with ''Cruel Heinrich'', a warmongster, who sentenced innocent people to death with blood red ink as white collar criminal on a dark desktop made ivory and ebony.

Saint Heinrich

Saint Heinrich

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Most people, friends protect themselves against irrelevant irritations and infiltrations! How funny: don't we hold like lunatics to fanatic fantasies? Do you really believe in concepts like ''Enlightenment''? ''Godliness''? ''The chosen few''? ''Transformation''? ''Kriya liberation''? ''One inch below the navel''? Experience?

Back to facts: N0by Dick, my motor home, is so small and tiny, that inside I mostly move on my knees. When I leave the car to pee, I close the light inside and use the flashlight outside. The toilet I don't use at all to unburden my body from burned ballast. I clean the bowl with vinegar and use this white plastic dish to wash vegetables. 

my motor home, is so small and tiny

next lake to Munich, where most Millionaires in Germany live

The bell from the church ''Saint Heinrich'' next to the pub ''Fisher Rose' rings four times first. Awake I count the coming sounds: one, two, three, four, five, six! I open the jalousies, grey, wet daylight enters the room. N0by Dick, the motor home of the ''rich poet''. First breakfast - coffee time. The gas oven heats up the room to 20 degrees, outside 11 degrees Celsius only. 

It's different from usual days , when you have to find after breakfast some hidden place, to sit on your feet and to bring back to nature, what you got from her in form of fruits.

That's one common lie about ''bad rainy weather''. Rain has his own beauty! The thirsty plants drink this nourishing nectar - ascending like wet breath from mother Earth, white washed in the cloudy sky, flowing back on Earth to baptize everything with divine energy.

Goose are out!
The Goose are out
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I walk few steps to the ''Starnberger See'', next lake to Munich, where most Millionaires in Germany live, and people reach in average the highest age in our country. The goose are out on the lake. Father goose watches his beloveds, who eat from the green, wet grass in the rain. Father goose stands like a soldier's statue to protect mother goose with two woollen feather ornamented little goose kids. These parents care for the breed without any expectation, I guess. No reward guaranteed. Teaches mother nature, how elder ones have to care for the young ones?

The goose kids walk thoughtless a few steps to far. Father statue goose follows immediately. Mother goose trusts this shelter and stuffs her stomach picking one mouth of grass after an other. 
I wonder, how young men like Ramarshi judge so easy and with certainty other people! Ramarshi does not only judge other people, his judgemental concepts destroy with some cunning smiles and sentences the life work of all ancestors like from my Grandfather Heinrich.

Isn't it to easy, to mock about last German emperor Wilhelm II as ''willy with helmet'', who ordered Germans in World War I from 1914 to 1918? And millions died out of guilt of that German bloody warmongster ''Willy with Helmet''? And as conceptional conclusion Ramarshi sharpens his mind mouth war words as matter of fact that my beloved Grandfather Heinrich lived in these times, and my Grandparents gave live to my father in the year 1906, these my ancestors belong to the high class criminal minded people? In one soup together with enemies pictures like Adolf Eichmann, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Pearl, Frankenstein, Dr. Mabuse and the Dumb Devil himself?

This kind of hot soup heated up by Ramarshi's mind mill for more than 12 months and a high class born criminal like me, little, lovely, sweet n0by will be reborn ''transformed'' into a silent follower on my knees, praying to Saviour Ramarshi? Ramarshi, the ultimate doctor of secret spirits, who washes a wolf dark grey fure white like a lamb of Jesus, ready for severe slaughters as transformative transvestite to give pleasure as prostitute for perverse priests, adored by their ''stuff''?

Hallelujah! Holy Mother Ma Anand Sheela has saved the commune of the ''New Man'' once from fundamental fascists, disguised at CIA agents with Mala in Red Rajneeshpuram, bringing the devotees in 14 hours working meditation, seven days a week, into doubt about their salvatory solution!

Hallelujah! Holy List Fathers like SSarlo protect the closed church of followers in last fever convulsions about Bhagwan, their savior, Father Superior SSarlo protects these sheepish Bhagwan believers even from Ramarshi wisdom - a wisdom diving to pure and to deep into the unconscious of those, who don't know, who they are, from where they come and where they go!

Cherished the Blessed Ones! Bhagwans, Ramarshi, Jesus Christ and ''Willy with Helmet'', the last German Emperor! These Fuehrer served so deeply the mass desire for the ultimate: death! These fuehrer sacrificed their own life like the lost life of followers in fever to the Ultimate: the NEW MAN TRANSFORMATION!

Hosanna! The rain will not stop anymore under beside the Church Tower of Saint Heinrich - and my Grandfather's instincts seduce me with a silent voice from inside, to drive home to my sweet, little, lovely woman Mimamai, an ordinary human being like me, my father and Grandfather. Yes - and even like my friend Ramarshi and SSarlo, who finally should learn to smile about a sinners confessions.

''We celebrate everything!'' - and when these rains flood the earth like the Great Sin Flood, ''We celebrate everything!'' and let's keep in mind until our very last breath: ''be a joke onto yourself!''

Like Heinrich, my Grandfather, Heinz, my Father, and me, Esther's father.

Now, put down your Helmets! Free Willy! On your knees! Repent and pray:




Grandfather Heinrich 1939


Can you keep these orders in your mind? 

No? So let's repeat together: