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Finally N0by Dick, my luxurious, costly Motor home doesn't leak water anymore! Twice water runs inside the car. The mechanics fix two water tubes till Wednesday. I need to bring the car two times to the garage for reparation!

Thursday I make it all the long way from Munich to a litte holiday village, called ''Bad Laer''. 660 Kilometres drive - fun, if the streets are free. They are not.

Thursday, 20th. May, is a holyday here - called ''father’s day''. With Friday and the weekend together free days sum up to four.

What's freedom for western warriors? Something like this: 60 Kilometres before Nuernberg 14 Kilometres stop-go traffic. People, who travel from northern Germany to South stay stuck in 60 Kilometres stop-go mess.

After one hour stop-go Wednesday evening after work I leave the highway to rest. A crowed place. Hundred heavy loaded trucks, few Camping cars. Lights and noise in the air. Nightingales hardly can compete with their sweet songs serenades.

Wild western warriors seek for stress to survive strange situations. I close the car, darken the windows with curtains. Sleep comes, to change my exhausted energy. Dreamless hours relax speed fight on the streets.

After five hours silent recreation on this crowded, noisy night place the body batteries are filled up with excellent existential energy again. It's four o'clock in the night. Some sips Orange juice from the car's fridge, some sweet grapes brought from Brazil to Munich market and 10 minutes later on the road again.

A drunken drive in joy I embrace the new born day with his red golden sun. Fields with yellow flowers remind on the shiny blond hairs of the women. Lonely warriors fantasies. My woman Mima has to save life in the public pool in Munich at home.

N0by Dick is the smallest, but quickest Motor Home in the street racing competition. My home, N0by Dick, soars over the highway.


New born sun 
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A restaurant on the highway. Time for morning toilet. I shave my beard. In the car I cook coffee with milk from the fridge, jam, yogurt and bread. Nice, to rest in peace for a while - wild warriors won some more miles.

On the road again. Next highway restaurant, named ''Hasselberg''. Time to decide: shall I visit Deva Khaleela in Hannover first or take the direct road to my mother? OshoSac is right: ''The belly is the master''. The belly decides: quickest road to my old Mom and her sister Isolde. It's her birthday today: 81 years old.

The highway ends before I arrive at my birth town Bielefeld. N0by Dick needs to swallow fiery food: 65 Liter Diesel. In father's World War times the propaganda priests pest weird willing western warriors into cruelties to kill: ''wheels have to roll for victory.''

Next stop after Biefeld on the road I buy flowers for my dear old aunt. Mima has given the money, I pay the transportation. Finally I reach in Bad Laer and park N0by Dick in front of the Hotel.

First I meet my old aunt. ''Look in the car, I have brought you a birthday present.'' I open the door of the mini bathroom and give her red roses mixed with yellow flowers.


My aunt Isolde Birthday and Mom

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Their brother with his wife sits in his car. 87 years old the man. Still going strong. We drive some Kilometres to the next little village, Bad Iburg, in a good restaurant named ''rock cellar''. N0by Dick drives my mother and me. She likes the car with the comfortable seat - higher above others to watch the world's marvellous mysteries.

In Bad Laer my Mom and Isolde live 200 Meters away from a natural salt water bath. For weeks the old ladies enjoy daily bath to train themselves in the tradition of western warriors.
((Bad Laer))

My old aunt keeps outrageous facts from her life secret: she left January 1945 her home at Marienberg, east from their birth town Danzig. She escaped, before the Russian Army occupied the country. She left her first teacher profession and her home with nothing but a suitcase. In Danzig the German refugees took a boat with leaving soldiers towards West. Few weeks before thousands refugees drowned in the ship catastrophe of the Guestrow, destroyed by Russian submarine.

Who carries his history as burden? Is there a mystical connection with friends, relatives and countries?



Isolde (81), brother Gerhard (87) and Mom (84)
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After a short trip with these noble old ladies I leave to Muenster. I lived in this University and Bishop City for seven years from 1956. One street away from our home lives one of my oldest friend: Harald. We made music together, when I came home from the Rajneeshpuram Oregon Ranch as an outlaw from Rajneesh Family with nothing but a suitcase. I made a domain up for Harald. We know each other since nearly 30 years now.

Felix, Harald's 12 years old son, visits his father. He wants to quit his mother in Aachen and live with his Father soon. We enjoy exciting hours. The boy wants to explore the Internet, Harald doesn't. So on two bicycles we drive in the town and find an Internet coffee. It's fun for us. He explores a site for kid's.

I read astonished the news from our group playground. Welcome JeffiJi again! Marvellous, you come again and again - each time stronger, isn't it?

Our n0by gathering is a warriors playground - with the most beautiful ladies: Deva and Sarahji. Balance women the energy with female sweetness, when there are so many sour male warriors here?

Who is Gargantua, friend of Hugh Janus? Another anonymous Master ENLIGHTENED LIKEYOU? An expert, to put people down from the majestic mountains heights of superior consciousness? Come on, new friends have you balls big enough to show up with your face like our strong street fighters JeffeJi and Gene Poole?


n0by and Harald

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A warrior in spiritual fights needs to know, who is who. When I first read Ramarshi's letters, I immediately drove to Lake Constance, to meet him.

N0by Dick with his strong engine travels all over Europe. My vision to visit all people from our n0by gathering in Europe. I see Graeme in his Scottish Kilt, Hans in his Amsterdam House Boat, Veet Tom in his old Hamburg House, Ramarshi at Lake Constance. Sometimes I meet new ones.

Saturday at 2.00 p.m. I arrive at my brother's Ulrich home in Dortmund. His wife, youngest son and he inspect N0by Dick - and an old Swami friend, we both know since 30 years.

Satanca is now here with us, welcome to write about your adventures life!

We enjoy a nice grill dinner in my brother's garden. After several hours I'm on my road again at 9.00 p.m. One hour drive only to the highway parking place ''Sauerland Ost''. Cold, dark night, rain and tiredness force my body into sleep immediately. Wild warriors sleep next to the highway. It's nearly a freezing night. Only the fan of the oven spreads warm air into N0by Dick. 4.45 a.m. wake up. 14 Degrees celsius only. I push the bed in the high roof upwards and fix it, so that I can prepare breakfast standing. I heat up the oven. Now I drink my warriors coffee, 18 Degrees already. Cautious I move around in the car, not to throw anything over the seats. I drive carefully, not to run with high speed into an accident. Each moment on the slippery road of a wild warrior needs to be done with care.

Not a single word energy left to heat up the quarrels in the virtual world: our letters here! Wild warriors fight with facts, not with fantastic concepts, isn't it true? N0by Dick teaches one lesson more to learn, to fight with reality - not with my or people's fantasies.


May – voyage 19th-23th


Uli and Satanca
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