<-The third weekend in n0by dick

This weekend is programmed with a great plan, a crazy plan: the long highway journey cross Germany. From Munich, in the South, the 660 Kilometer journey to my mother in holidays in the northern part.

All work was done quite successful in the week. Both my Volkswagen cars pass a costly inspection. 

I could leave my job early about 3.00 p.m. on Friday. n0by dick shares the Highway full of fish in the asphalt sea. Thousands trucks cross Europe from one country to another. Milk from Bavaria to Italy comes back to Germany as cheese. Car parts from Spain are on the Highway for the production in Wolfsburg. Veggies from Italy are send to Netherlands and vice versa.

The voyage from Munich to Nuernberg should be finished after 2 hours - 160 Kilometers. Normally.


But after one hour the radio announces: ''On the Highway behind Ingoldstadt North a truck is burning: 20 Kilometers traffic stops."

I leave the Highway in Ingolsstatt. The traffic jam is incredible. Bicycles move quicker than cars. 

10 Kilometers later Bavaria blossoms beautiful in spring time. Fresh grass, flowers, green trees with new leaves. 30 Kilometers away from the Highway is a little village with an old Roman Castle. Around 2000 years old.

With the idea in mind, to visit my daughter and my mother, I don't stop and drive on and on and on.

It takes four hours, double time, to reach to Nuernberg. My ex-wife has prepared dinner. Esthers man, a sannyasin too, and Esther's half sister, my ex-wife all want to see big n0by dick.

I don't stop and drive on and on and on.

So we drive down together downtown to this old scene of Nuernberg - filled with houndred of years ancient buildings and churches. We listen to voices from people all over the world: Italy, French, Japan, American, Turkey and different Eastern countries.

I invite all four beloveds to their favorite ice cream Italian.

Finally at 10.00 p.m. Esther asks: ''Now it's already so late. Isn't it more comfortable to sleep in my bed? I can not sleep so well in any other bed than mine.''

''Esther,'' I argue, ''such a long way to visit your Grand Mother. We never reach there, when we don't start finally.''

So we start in the dark night. Our next stop should be again 160 Kilometer away from Nuernberg in Bad Kisisingen. This is a world famous Thermal Bath, good for our health.

This is a world famous Thermal Bath

We hurry up into the dark night. The highway is more free. Except an endless line of trucks on the right side.

 The quick trucks want to pass by the slower truck. So n0by dick has to reduce speed. 

I don't watch carefully the big signs, where to drive. So we miss an important Highway Cross on our way to Bad Kissingen.

My concentration, intelligence and energy are burned out. We pass Wuerzburg and I wonder, wonder, wonder.

Finally I stop , to study the card. Wrong, I missed Bad Kissingen! We leave the Highway around 11.30 a.m. Just in the little next village, not far from the highway - next to a cimetary - finally full stop. Both our beds I prepare quickly.

Fresh in the cold morning I want to to heat on the gas oven. But the heater does not work! Finally I remember, that I closed the chimey at the side of the car with a plastic cup. I remove that cup. The heater works again.

Full of owners pride I want to wash my hands in the tiny bath room. I have filled the fresh water tank with around 30 Liters. The pump works. The water fows. My daughter says astonished:

''Look, water is running all over the floor!''

Highly alarmed I open the tap of the fresh water tank down under the car. Fresh water runs over the street. I clean the floor of the car. The big manual book warns:

''No garanty against water dammage!. The user has to look for the correct function of the water canes for himself''. There are several water canes in the car!

After this breakfast terror time we leave in hurry back to Bad Kissingen. Full speed, 160 Kilometers/hour maximal. N0by Dick, 2500 Kilogramm heavy weight runs like crazy back to Bad Kissingen.

we leave in hurry back to Bad Kissingen. 

We buy water bottles in the Super Market and some food for the fridge. Saturday spring time sun. Time to relax.

At 12.00 we are in the beautiful bath: Bad Kissingen. We swim, enjoy Sauna - and after the second Sauna session we both fall exhausted into a deep warrior's sleep. 

We leave the bath around 5.00 p.m. Esther announced: ''Around 7.00 p.m. I want to eat. We cook pasta.''

There are still 360 Kilometers Highway drive to my mother, Esther's Grandma. After around one hour with excessive speed we stop. And cook pasta. 100 Kilometers away from Bad Kissingen. Kirchheim - a central point with a good hotel, restaurant, Internet connection, sauna and swim bath.

Pasta, tea, cake and chocolate - we both feel exhausted. Esther needs three hours for her studies - but she can't do this, when I drive the car.

N0by Dick parks next to the Highway Hotel. Not really a romantic place for a night. But we need to rest. I take her bike down - and she drives, I walk around in the beautiful spring country - after we pass to the other Highway side through a tunnel.

Back at the car, we both decide: ''We can't reach this long weekend trip to the North, to my mother.''

So I prepare the two bed-rooms for the next night.. Esther can sleep undisturbed in the upper part. One of the car lights shines on my tiny old PSION palmtop.

I open the fridge, get a little bottle of red wine, to have some sips. I relax and listen to the cars A rustle in the night.

Wake up 6.00 a.m. Clouds in the sky. Birds sing in competition to the sounds of running wheels over the High Way nearby. Time to reset the bed into seats for the little breakfast room. After all: adventures are fun. Fun for a warrior's mind, to find peace.

Tomorrow we will drive back to Bad Kissingen, one more bath - before she can study again at home. In Nuernberg.

n0by dick swallows 9 Liters Diesel for 100 Kilometers. One liter Diesel cost nearly around 1 Euro.

Esther needs three hours for her studies