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Bavaria is a rich part of Germany. Rich by industrial companies like Siemens and BMW. Rich by the beauty of nature: many mountains and lakes.

Murphy's law: ''The more beauty in the country the less beauty in the people.''


Walruss after his first bath Sunday 8. May 2004 in the ice cold lake Walchensee

I have lived in other parts of Germany too - for example in Aachen few Kilometers to Netherland or in Cologne at the river Rhine. There the climate is not so rough like in Munich. Less snow.

Bavarian people enjoy harder winter and hotter summer times. Finally the snow is melting in the mountains now in month of May.


n0by's motorhome N0by Dick in
May mountain morning at lake Kochelsee
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But you never are sure, that snow will fall again. Last week a bit of snow came again here near in the region before the Alpes mountains begin. And most nights in the year are cold.

When we sleep in our motorhome N0by Dick we need the heater. The heater, the fridge, the oven and warm water are provided by two big bottles filled with 5 Kilo camping gas.

So nights in N0by Dick are cosy and comfortable. Saturday we cook three times a day, coffee, soup and even asparagus. We visit Mima's 76 years old father, who stays here for his holidays.. It's nice to cook and to eat in the car.

Visit to Mima's father: in Bavarian holiday
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N0by Dick has two big sleeping places: in the upper bed Mima sleeps undisturbed several hours longer. I use the room downstairs, where I change the big bed into the living room with a table. Two lamps above spend light to read and to write on my little PSION Palmtop.

This sunday looks like a rainy day. But the car is warm. Next to the Kochelsee in front a nearly 2000 Meter mountain rises up - called ''Herzogstand''. The crazy Bavarian King Ludwig II. had there one of his many hunter huts.

Your crazy n0by reports this little Sunday story at 6.00 a.m. before our morning coffee in the Motorhome N0by Dick.

This sunday looks like a rainy day.
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