Back in Blue Whale's Belly


7th July, bombs blast in London City. War against soft targets: public bus and underground trains. Sudden death comes, hundreds injured. Crisis comes closer. Controversies can't be hidden anymore. Waste of energy, lives and chances. War in the cities New York, Madrid, London. What will be next?

7th July in Munich my motor home is sold. One oil consummating high tech home doesn't burden my possessions anymore. Relaxing comes, possessions go together with tensions - and vice versa. Nobydick, this motor home was quite young: build September 2002, 36500 Kilometres only, price new more than 50.000 Euros. Now sold for 29.000 Euros, winter wheels included, not yet three years old.

7th July in Munich my motor home is sold


At night in the internet: Volkswagen Stuttgart advertises same model Carthago Malibu 32.2 with hot shower and lavatory for 37.900 Euros, build February 2002, 50.000 Kilometres.

Strange, how feelings change again. Just relaxed, one moment later tense again. Are these my female qualities to feel myself?

My daughter wants a new vehicle: a special bike. Times are over, that she could handle a bike with her thin legs. Now she has to move a bike with her strong arms and hands. These machines are more costly than Mima's 12 years old Blue Whale, who runs now more than 200.000 Kilometres. It's her market van and our rolling holiday home once and now again. Students camping style. When the sky is dry, the road is my living room. When it rains, we sit inside, her leg upon mine, our bed in the back. Mattress on wooden planks.

My daughter wants a new vehicle: a special bike. 


One part inside feels so sad, to sit in this loud, slow car again. Mimai drives, I read the news with these continuous repetitive old stories: bombs blast, murderers kill, managers steel, cheat, bribe and buy prostitutes, drunken youngster kill themselves and others in car accidents, the climate changes, someone somewhere makes a famous glamour girl pregnant, and some famous old one dies a natural death! What a relief.

Stuffing my mind with this garbage, Mima fails the right exit on the highway, I just recognize with a glimpse: ''Was this not our exit, to visit my daughter?''

''No'' replays Mima with female breed sheltering safety, ''we have to go out in Lauf''.

I don't dare to repeat, that the last exit was ''Lauf'', and Mima continues to drive. One wrong exit after another until she recognizes finally: ''I believe, we are wrong. Shall I return the next exit?''

''Yes, good idea'', I smile inside, ''now leave the high way Nuremberg North, that we don't need to go around the big city on long distance again.''

She follows, my daughter rings me up on the cell phone: ''Where do you remain all the time? The coffee is ready.''

''Yes, just one half hour more, we have to find our way first.''

''Oh, look at all these Mercedes Benz Busses'', says Mima. Happy I say: ''Very good, turn around, lets explore!''

We find even one Mercedes Bus in her favourite colour ''apricot''. I would not even know the name of this colour.

We find even one Mercedes Bus in her favourite colour ''apricot''. 

 I would not even know the name of this colour.


We plan after 10 years life together first time to share our money in one project: we plan to buy together her van for the Christmas Market. In this car we want install a gas oven, a cooker, simple water supply to brush teeth, boil coffee, noodles and soup, some camping windows and a window on the roof - maybe even a fridge.

The colour of the new bus is secondary for my taste, my first preference is the engine: 156 horse power, 165 km/h, five cylinders. This engine costs new 12.000 Euros more. My next wish on the list asks for air conditioning. 

These plans in mind we meet my daughter and her friend Ingo. For hours Esther tries different of these costly ''Hand bikes'' with tremendous excitement and joy, an investment of 3000 Euros.

After all we relax again in the Frankenalb Therme Hersbruck, where on Monday I had my last bath to wait, that the thunderstorm rolls over my head.

Mima, Ingo and my daughter Esther


My daughter fascinates me again and again with her insights, her young, fresh, female wisdom, our genetic chain and heart to heart connection. An incredible joy for both of us, to talk and talk and talk for hours, to discuss our plans, to inspire each other. Her devices encourage : ''Yes, do that, have one costly car only together for camping and Christmas Market.''

My memories flash back to my student times, when Henry Miller was one of my favourite poets. Back in Mima's loud Volkswagen Van I remember his words: ''The ones, who owns two and more cars, will end their life in a wheel chair.'' These thoughts console my sadness, remembering the quick, comfortable high way surfer Nobydick. Blue Whale, Mima's van, has around 10 per cent value of Nobydick. In sadness my anguish reasons fade away and only one question molests my mind: ''Why did I sold my luxury''?

In Nobydick I sat on a comfortable sofa styled seat, now in Blue Whale I sit on the floor. Blue Whale has a wooden plate with two carpets on it's steel plate belly. Cushions give comfort to sit too.

now in Blue Whale I sit on the floor. 


From Nuremberg to Bamberg, where my Mimamai meets her old father again, first night we sleep again in Blue Whale, share our bed, our morning coffee and listen to the falling rain of the steel plate  roof. My fingers try to tune fantasy with reality in my little life adventures connected with relatives, friends and healing feelings to help peace grow in these war times against soft targets like busses and underground trains.

My daughter listens to my feature fantasies in the sauna bath: ''Did you hear about Hitler's rehabilitation?'' ''Aeh?'', she smiles, guessing my strange stories already.

''You know, how many nuclear bombs the Israelites have stored in their country? You know, how many nuclear bombs the U.S. Americans have ready to fire? 

After the explosion of these nuclear bombs, more than three quarters of the world population will be killed. The few remaining ones will remember Hitler as great prophet, who failed. After the Third World War collapse catastrophe Hitler will be adored like a Saint, like Buddha Bhagwan. And even this Third World War will be executed by the law of love and compassion, ordered by Higher Intelligence to the ones in Jerusalem and Washington D.C. This Higher Intelligence protects our Earth from Climate Catastrophe, from turning back around the Gulf Stream, the Great Global Warm Water Heating for Europe. This Higher Intelligence in love and compassion will destroy us human exploiters in the Global World War III.''

my Mimamai meets her old father again


My daughter replies: ''I have a total other vision of the coming times, but this is all and only Blabla, do you want to know it?''

''No'', I smile at her.

'' So let's better be silent and enjoy the sunshine,'' she smiles back.

Has any father experienced to be in silence with a female, no matter if wife or daughter?

Ah, existence shows an answer in front of me: Mima rolls herself in my blue sleeping bag in Blue Whale's big belly under the morning Sunday Bamberg rain.

When this rain hinders my cowardice to swim in the Pegnitz river bath near by, then existence will condemn my system to translate my strange story back into German. Before Mimamai meets her 80 years old father with his new old girl friend and similar sorrows and joys we both share as woman and man and similar sorrows and joys my little, lovely daughter shares as woman of her man. 

Guess that where ever people live, we all share similar sorrows and joys. We all have similar difficult problems and questions to solve like I have right now: ''Shall I swim in the cold rain or translate my strange story back into German?'' 

'' So let's better be silent and enjoy the sunshine,''