Daughter Mother, Aunt, Brother and Friend

...and cars

Saturday, a very quick drive from my fan and friend, my daughter in Nueremberg to Goettingen. Does this name roots in the meaning, where ''God is in''?

The Hyundai, Toyata car seller advertises used cars online with around 20 languages worldwide.

It's so simple, to search via www.mobile.de , an eBay daughter, any car you want. You choose prize, manufactor, year of construction and many details more. Out of 200.000 cars and more than 20.000 motor homes the search engine brings up, what you are looking for. You can advertise your car two weeks on mobile.de for 10 Euros with four pictures. So people can explore the quality of your offer.

At the ''Car show room Nippon'' stands Nobydick II, another VW-Transporter - this time - without bathroom, flash lavatory and hot shower. Nobydick II is build February 2004, same engine, similar appearance like Nobydick I. With 22.400 Kilometres the car is nearly new, the greatest difference: Nobydick I is half meter longer.

Nobydick II


My tests prove that the Truma heater doesn’t work. One cupboard is not open. It's not possible, to have a shower outside the car. The table is stored in an extra cupboard on the floor. The second gas bottle is only to fix with one string together with the first one.

The interior is build by www.caramo.de in Hamburg. The German quality hand work is costly, comfortable, luxurious and tooooo expensive.

The German quality hand work is costly


My thoughts wander to my daughter. Esther is such a lovely, smart lady. Every time we meet, we deepen our experiences and our insights. After happy hours in the public thermal pool ''Frankentherme'' in Hersbruck we drive to Nuremberg train station. There in the Internet cafe she admires the beautiful, expensive motor homes, I fantasy to possess. Together we watch some pictures from my last mountain excursions with much fun till midnight.

5.00 a.m. in the morning I leave her room so quiet, that she doesn't wake up. She has no time, energy and motivation, to read my stories. But when we meet, she wants to listen and to observe everything as attentive as possible. Maybe she is longing for the personal energy sharing with me, her father? Is is this, what gives our communication weight and depth?

Web publishing, even with pictures, is such a poor substitute for a meeting alive. That's, what she wants, what we want. You too?

There in the Internet cafe


She works with a judge right now in flat ranting quarrels. When people don't pay the rent two times, the owner of the flat has the right, to chase these poor people out of their home.

My daughter knows that all the possessions of these poor people are brought at the worst case to a recycling area, means to the garbage trash. People then have to leave their homes. My daughter knows that church charity provides facilities to sleep at night for the new homeless.

But, but, but: my daughter understands pretty well the problems of the house owners, who have to pay debts and need the rent badly.

What to do? My daughter argues cunningly, what to do with those people, who have no energy and mind to balance their life according to the rules? According to the laws? What to do with those poor people, who are not able, to fill the form, to get social security support?
These people are bound to vanish in the dark, in the dirt, in the disease of alcohol abuse.

My daughter is such a cunning, clever, smart, smiling little lady! I support her in the warrior tradition of our family, that she gets, what she can grab, in order to make her life with her handicapped body. She looks at reality form another point of view. Controversies do not disturb our harmony.

She warns me, not to mention her profession as juristically examined expert. Her reason: ''juristically examined experts have bad reputation in the society''.

''juristically examined experts have bad reputation in the society''


As if Journalist or Politicians would have better reputation!

These are the ones, who cheat people continuously with greedy money grabbing lies. And people are well aware from all their instincts, what brainwash disease is spread by those violent powerful warriors in media, industry, religion, military and government.


Nevertheless I wish for my handicapped daughter, that she is one of the ''chosen few'', to serve governmental violence. Again she looks at reality form another point of view. Again Controversies do not disturb our harmony.

serve governmental violence


I have sipped a little bottle of red wine and can now relax in an absolute safe and protected night place to sleep. I have one room in the simple Hotel, where my mother spends her old days.

My mother felt a swindle inside all day long. And no matter if she is 84 years old, or if I'm 57 years: death, sickness, accidents, mental insanity can catch us each moment, isn't it? Or can we be overwhelmed vice versa each moment in a state of bliss, happiness and fulfilment?

Experiences teach: ''it's neither my choice nor my freedom!'' Aren't we programmed by society, parents, education and expectations? What else can be done, but to watch this program?

My old, old Mother enjoys most days in her holiday resort Bad Laer. Salty waters in the public pool recreate and rejuvenate. She is the oldest guest in this public bath; she had already visited with us, when we were little boys of four, five years.

After dinner my mother accompanies me to the next Internet Cafe. She looks - like my daughter in Nuremberg the night before - at the pictures of my mountain excursions. This way I can test, what she is still able to recognize with her operated eyes. It's not easy for her eyes to recognize e. g. Mimamai on a mountain path on the screen. But the old lady has fun.

After dinner my mother accompanies me to the next Internet Cafe


It feels so crazy to sleep under a roof in this beautiful summer night! I would prefer to sleep in the forest nearby. My program does not allow this new experience.

After the Sunday morning bath I visit my old aunt one hour drive away. We spend several hours with fulfilling talks and experiences. My aunt shows me the old school house, where she started as teacher after the war 1949. As child I loved to be in holydays there. My aunt was and is a very caring lovely woman. These beautiful villages like Tecklenburg are full of tourist. The food and service in the restaurants is excellent, the prices too.

Next stop in Muenster/Westfalen brings me to my friend from 1976: Harald. The site I made for him. He produces new piano songs with the words of the Swedish poet Bellman. These songs will be on his site soon. Because he lives unemployed since around 30 years, he fills his time with books, art and composition. He has same age like my brother in Dortmund, but Harald is felt closer like a spiritual brother.

Next stop for a night is in my brother's home in Dortmund. It does not make much sense, to talk with him, it's almost impossible. He is closed to any other arguments but his own. Himself and his toys like his sail yacht he presents excellent. So called friends praise his way of life. He has a lot of these friends always around him. In personal meetings my brother smiles friendly and inviting. Behind the back of the same people, he reveals the ''other side of his medal''. Same severe judgments like mine all the time.

My aunt shows me the old school house, where she started
as teacher after the war 1949.


I leave my brother and his wife Monday morning at 5.30, have breakfast in a little village Butzbach near Frankfurt.

I arrive in Muenster/Dieburg around 9.00 a.m. My driving and exploring obsession with Nobydick could there be satisfied with a complete new build VW-T-5 model for around 33.000 Euros.

In this little factory the owner ''Linné'' lives and works. After my visit and few hours drive more south direction home my next exit from the high way is Wuerzburg.

Linne-Liner: 174 PS / 188 km/h


Tired from the rat race I relax in this beautiful town Wuerzburg


Tired from the rat race I relax in this beautiful town, where once again Germany's history of many hundred years can be explored from the buildings: the history of those violent powerful warriors in media, industry, religion, military and government.

The high ways are so crowded, that simple work in progress hinders to drive for hours. It is 30 degree Celsius hot, hard drive and excellent exercise, to leave this travelling and car possessing obsessions behind!

history of those violent powerful warriors in media


Kitzingen, again one of these oldest wine producing areas in the Main region gives next times to rest, when I finally could escape the traffic jam. After all this burning heat a thunderstorm is inevitable. This tempest comes down the Alps over to Bavaria and Franken.

When rains get too thick, it is again time to leave the high way and to relax in the Frankenalb Therme in Hersbruck. There my trip started on Friday evening with my daughter.

The best would be, to lie down now at home. But still there are three hours to drive. Living like a wild animal a quarter of an hour sleep is possible in the Frankenalb Therme, where running waters play the back ground symphony.

Happy home in Mimai’s arms at 10.00 p.m..

Kitzingen, one of these oldest wine producing areas
in the Main region