Tollwood - Nobydick sold!

28th June: A sad day today, Nobydick is sold! Last week end reminded me, how we started one year ago in our home of rolling wonders: excellent food with asparagus. Melancholic memories under the most impressive panorama of the mountains reflecting their majesty in the lake Kochelsee.

My feelings slow down, reduce energy, plan for new miracles. Inspirations from Tollwood.

Tollwood is an open summer market. Mima is an experienced market seller. She is my little market-woman, who supports my emotional stability.

Adventures, fun - a sweet flush to feel more alive. The closer my eyes watch the world around, the sweeter my system gets high on these inspirational miracles of the wild wonder world. Slow step by step we walk Monday around on the Munich Tollwood Summer Festival.

Mimamai says suprised: ''Never we have passed here by so slow.''

Does it matter much, what to do and to think? How to deepen the inner connection?

Tollwood is an open summer market.


Michael Kabir has felt my urge, to read his view: his words - like almost - electrify my astonished system.

My system has not yet found, how ''the goose is out'', how this mind wheel stops, how lukewarm fun changes into healing happiness.

Words grope in darkness. More friends gone, than come. Comes from somewhere silence closer? Evolves somehow objective observation? Watching without judgements?

Michael Kabir questions:


Me: "Nice, but why didn't you make a picture with yourself on it?"

Nn: "My feeling is: you don't even scroll down to the end of the text.
At the end there is allways a little dia-show."
(as if I wouldn't know that)
Nn: "love you."

Me: "OK, you didn't get the Joke,
(as well as he's obviously not getting that he is allready loved)
well, second try: Why are you mainly seen in all the pics?"

We think, we decide and look and think and feel and act
and nearly never look what makes us decide, look, think, feel, act.

We shoot - but who is shooting us?
Who is the lion and who is the hunter?


Kabir knows the hunting shooter behind? Real knowledge can't be given by words or web-sites.

Memories, fantasies, mind plays tricks on me: The archaic joy to brush the fur of the horses. These days cars are like horses. One horse is sold today: Nobydick. Tired of the luxurious water toilet and hot shower, never used in the car, I search for Nobydick II.

The new, next owner, a father, will need Nobydick to work for his life and to pamper his wife and 11 years old daughter. This family can use the luxury better.

Mima would prefer, to use her VW-Transporter, her 12 years old Blue Whale, for our little excursions. BUT: Unused money on my bank account has no sex appeal for me.

Mimamai, my little market-woman, saves her money for safety. She does not like luxurious cars. In her old Blue Whale we sleep safe. Who will attack poor people in such a vehicle without heater?

All these little things in life look at me. I look back in astonished smile. Sumup: nothing remains but wonders. Soft sentences without excitement. Ordinary life. Sleep, hunger, food, movements, calm again.

Tollwood: Nobydick is sold.

Tollwood: Nobydick is sold.