Finally on the road again!

This city, Munich, drives me crazy! 


Like every city. 

Finally, Saturday 5.00 p.m,
we got the energy together.


We leave town in direction south,

towards the mounains.



Soon we arrive at lake Kochelsee under the majestic mountain ''Herzogstand'', (1880).


Thunderstorm is announced since yesterday.

Dark clouds gather, to shelter us from the burning sun.

44 degrees Celsius in Nobydick, because I was too

lazy to isolate all windows with jalousies.


Down town Munich my nerves under tension

can't flow relaxed with the stream. 

Everywhere my sensitivity feels under pressure from all

the money grabbing people and money spending people.


Among these greedy grabbers I try to grab, what is

inevitable to grab: underwear, socks, food.

Two bottles alcohol reduced beer finally end all sorrows

with deep, relaxing sleep in the high noon heat.


Let's get out of this feverish town! Mimamai drives

the air conditioned smooth moving car. 

All my senses connect closer to nature

and leave sorrows behind. 


Sorrows about people like Michael Kabir, living in his

 isolation with the last amount of money,

society has left for him with Hartz IV laws.

That means, Michael Kabir has to spend his month with 200 Euros only in a very poor apartment under the hot roof in in the 6th floor. There live hundreds of poor people live together. The temperature rises there to 40 degrees Celsius. 


Michael Kabir serves his vision of cyber connectivity nearly 24/7. His servers host e.g. all the thousands of JPG-, GIF-, MP3- and HTM-files on my n0by domain. When will Michael with his 60 years be unbaned from his hot hell under the roof? In five years? Maybe. And then?

Burkhard suffers in a similar situation: He lives with several PCs in his apartment, online 24/7, grabbing all kind of ''digital food'' in the net. Cyber society, cyber life, cyber relationships.


Will these faceless cyber anonymous acquaintanceships

of the last years start to show up alive some day? 

With a face, a voice and a hand from flesh,

blood and bones to touch and to shake?


Or will these egoists send one wisdom once a day?

Or once in a week, in a month?

Or will these big spenders evaporate

in utterly silent isolation one day?

Or will these spiritual experts find a place with protective peace?

A new religion of suppressed controversies? 

Under the wings of the wisest ones, who know, 

what fits for their sheltered sheep?


My night walk brings me around the lake Kochelsee. Mima returns after an hour. 
Rain, wind, storm rushes down from the heights. This brings peace to my mind. 
All questions are silenced by the effort, to tune into my walking body, 
to tune inside with my mother nature. Good Night.


Sunday we march from Lake Kochelsee (600) to ''Rötelstein'', (1400, red stone). After long sweating walking hours we wash our naked bodies in the lake. We cook and eat in the car. This time Mimamai got to much sun, headache.