Life is such fun - sometimes - like a paradise walk into the unknown. This night is a safe, silent night. 11,-- Euros safety only for a Camping Place in Laubichl near Mayrhofen. A little village in the Zillertal (‘’Tal’’=valley) north from and parallel to the Brenner valley.

The road into Zillertal stops in Hintertux (1493). Hintertux it is not even far from Navis (1348), guess less then 15 Kilometres. But you need to climb over the Lizum Reckner, 2886 Meters. Maybe there is no need to reach the peak, because there maybe a way in a height of 2500 Meters only to cross the mountain chain from Zillertal to Navis.

My young colleague Burkhard, born 1962 - not Meters above sea - will come in the morning, to accompany me. He has something similar with my strange eremite energy. The difference: he works, to earn money with his web sites; my web-sites try to push controversies over the edge. Finally tired of quarrels, harmony comes - not before. My web sites are my free time adventure, my daily dairy, my online memory - maybe fun for someone?

11,-- Euros safety only for a Camping Place
in Laubichl near Mayrhofen


This Camping Place Laubichl has a swimming pool, sauna and a hot spot for Internet Connection too! What are Internet connections good for, when, as soon my words run free, some censor starts to cut my line?

Better to write to myself and some rare people, honest, strong and true enough, either to laugh about written fantasies or strong enough to stand all affronts and attacks from a superior level of understanding.

Best are the rare ones with straight spine to stand disagreement and controversies. Best are the rare ones with, to stand the feelings, words, stories, fantasies create.

Absurd scene in SSackratshita's ''new-sannyas-list'' once again: Tatina-Gogo, the hardest, hottest, most provocative mouth bitch attacks lion heart Valerie, often shaken in Kundalini experiences.

Valerie with theatric gesture leaves this new-sannyas-list utterly pissed, to join five minutes later laughing again.

Burkhard, born 1962 - not Meters above sea -
will come in the morning, to accompany me. 


This way more absurdity grows, now from female Usha, the Munich caring Mom of censor Indian Slime-SSurendra, creator and protector of the Munich-Cologne-Freiburg sannyas list scene. By these ''ardous activities'', retired Indian SSurendra has collected already this year money from his list-users for his kind of list-service.

SSurendra's sheltering, censoring service pretends peace in purpose, to grab money with slimy violence.

This Munich Mom Usha behind her husband Indian SSurendra attacks SSackratshita: ''You should protect poor Valerie from Gogo-Tatina's rat-baiting attacks.''

As if this woman Valerie can't care for herself! Valerie is utterly shock proved - absolutly! 0ne year Alfa-Laughing and Loving Female at n0by's group, what can come more? Idiots in square like Gene Popolala, friend and frequent writer in SSarlo's mass mail service GuruRat, Gene Popolala even tried to destroy Valerie's IP-connectivity by public complaints about Valerie's mails.

Now slime snail Usha enters on stage with complains about list owner SSackratshita. SSackratshita is wise enuff, not to interfere in these women’s chitchat, Tabsi-Rat vs. Valerie-Lion.

Now slime snail Usha enters on stage with
complains about list owner SSackratshita.


SSackratshita, half year older than me, has nothing else and better to do, but to look at each of my word works, and to allow them or not, when he is online again. He has allowed my last three mails in his friendly Gulag. But it's a torturing mind castration, to write in a way, to fulfill SSackratshita's expectations. What do these sect bhogwashed victims expect? Love, Light, Laughter.

Worse than bogus: when poor SSackratshita would dare, to let me write free, the mediocre mass mind in his gathering would leave poor SSackratshia alone in his list. Alone with me, that's not the kind of fun, SSackratshita is looking for.

These entertainments enjoy us idiots since 20, 30 years. First in groups, last 5, 10 years online.

These entertainments enjoy us idiots since 20, 30 years.


SSackratshita e.g. qualifies poor Ramrod as ''heroic text efforts''. Maybe Sackrat feels flattered by Ramrod's Osho quotes in this retarded understanding of devotional surrender? NeoNazzasins continue, to believe in this 30 years old Bhogwash.

Thousands of those dead web pages praise Baba Bhagwan like ten thousands praise Lord Jesus. The motivation of this praising, praying industry is an urge for prestige and power in the name of a label: Bhagwan-Buddha-Osho-Jesus. Other compensates their minority complex by selling Daimler-Mercedes, BMW, Porsches or Channel No. 5. Not to forget about the ones, who sell drugs, sex or weapons?

Worse than bogus: the esoteric drug sellers of Osho-Jesus-Virgin-Mother-Mary feel ahead of other idiots in the rat race for materials, to compensate feelings of unworthiness and minority complex. Who the fuck needs Jesus-Bhagwana-Maria-Buddha-Hitler, when men are happy with the life, they live?

Who the fuck needs Jesus-Bhagwana-Maria-Buddha-Hitler


Thanks Nobydick, to drive me out of this mental web asylum into the cleaning majesty of mountains!

On this camping place Laubichl my little quarter litre bottle of red wine entertains my inner cinema with these inspiring idiots, I love to examine! Thanks mouth-bitch Tabsi-Gogo for your rat baiting versus Valerie.

Thanks Valerie for your female theatric response! You create synchronicity in Lion Mom Usha. Thanks idiot SSackratShita,. to argue about these entertaining mud wrestlers. Thanks Nobydick, to drive me out of this mental web asylum into the cleaning majesty of mountains! Good Night, lovely Ladies.


Burkhard comes Saturday morning 7.30 with all his weight in his beautiful, black Mercedes Benz, Burkhard the immense. 125 Kilograms his 190 centimetres length have to carry. Immense outside, a child inside.

Two days ago Burkhard again stopped his cigarette addiction, to change this addiction with another one, the addiction for food. Burkhard is one of the most intelligent computer-experts and writers, I know.

Unfortunately his superior technical skills are not balanced by an adequate emotional stability. This maybe the reason, that we are friends since 1991, the first time, we shared our office room.

He immediately started to smoke cigarillos, I immediately opened the window. My boss those days mocked: ''In your room it's always terrible cold and it stinks terrible too from smoke.''

Burkhard is still going strong, not like meanwhile three alcoholics in the company, who have killed themselves by alcohol abuse.

Burkhard got my offer to sleep one night in Nobydick. He could have taken the bed downstairs, and I would have occupied the upper room.

Burkhard likes the idea, brings a box of beer, 20 bottles for 5 Euros only and one cheap bottle two litres red wine, he calls ''Hobo's Happiness''.

With both our cars we drive to Hintertux. That's the dead end of the Zillertal, a place with several hotels and the cable train up for summer ski into 3200 Meters above sea: Olperer Glacier.

With both our cars we drive to Hintertux.. 


From this place ''Hintertux'' (1499) we start walking. Before we go, I store four bottles beer in the fridge for our evening recovery.

After the first few steps, Burkhard ''sweats like a pig'', he says. I wait patiently for him to join.

After several hours we come to a point, where Burkhard refuses to go further: ''Too dangerous! There the way passes an abyss 100 meters deep down!''

The way is wider than one meter, protected by a steel wire rope at the rock side, sheltered by another steel wire rope on the side of the abyss.

How to move 125 Kilograms in deep despair?

Impossible. Burkhard walks back. My walk continues in silence higher and higher. Mountain animals [Marmot, groundhog] alarm with high whistles brother and sister animals. One of these shy animals I watch nearby. Maybe the animal can't smell my body against the wind.

How to move 125 Kilograms in deep despair?


The way in these heights is around the white clouds. Cautiously my feet cross large snow fields, in vain not to get my feet wet.

Back from the hill into the valley a black snake crosses my way, the first red rose Alpine Roses open up their extraordinary splendid beauty.

Around 6.00 p.m. Burkhard rings me up: ''Where do you leave behind?'' Happy in expectations of nice night talks together I answer: ''I'm just at home in a quarter of an hour.''

''Oh'', he says, ''I'm already at my home, for what should I wait more than two hours there?'' ''Damned'', I reply, ''now I have to finish your minor quality bottles of beer!'' We laugh, he thanks for my company, I thank for his call.

Such magnificence over the mountains! My usual food, pasta, Thuna fish with onions, one of Burkhard's beer, tea, soya desert caramel, a little can of peaches - delicious. One sip bitter alcohol like Fernet Branca ends this session of wonders with Nobydick's 10 Watt Halogen light on my table.

Such magnificence over the mountains!


The place is safe: a family from Czechoslovakia stands with a Mercedes Van in front of Nobydick, mother, father and two grown up kids. They put camping table, four camping seats on the asphalt and eat. Wine and beer cans they cool in the creek by my side. The murmur of this creek and the soft voices of my neighbours are the last evening sounds.

One short phone call with Mimamai is no substitute for her caring, sheltering presence. I miss her.

Strange, how quick the temperature falls in these evening hours. More than 10 degrees Celsius fall in the last two hours. Now only 14 degrees outside at 9.00 p.m. Good night, sweet Ladies, good night.

The place is safe


Sunday - 4.30 a.m, it’s a thrill to wake and to stand up. Outside six degrees Celsius only. It's short past 6.00 a.m., when the first morning sun kisses the mountain peeks. That's my time to leave Hintertux behind.

Carefully I drive back north down in the Zillertal - all along these little lovely rings of houses around a church: Madseit, Juns, Lanersbach ... till Dornach.

In Dornach the road divides into south again and climbs higher and higher in the Zillertaler Alps. The road passes Ginzling and for 10 Euro toll I'm allowed to dive into several long, tiny, dark tunnels. Finally the retaining wall of the ''Schlegeisspeicher'' (beat ice storage) is just before me. 130 Meters high, and above, by the side of the sea the cars park in 1785 Meters above sea.

Finally the retaining wall of the ''Schlegeisspeicher''
(beat ice storage) is just before me.


7.30 a.m. my wandering delight in the mountain heights begins. From the hut in 2.489 Meters ''Friesenberg'' House
my way continues and ends on ''Peter's Köpfel'' (Peter little head).



Around 10 hours later I'm home at Nobydick on the ''Schlegeisspeicher'' park place. A short shower outside the car washes my sweat away. The car stands in the mountain sun all day long, but the temperature inside is only 24 degrees Celsius. The reason: I isolated all windows, and opened both windows in the roof a bit. The mountain sun burns hot, but the wind is always cold in the height.

Now 6.00 p.m., the mountains throw shadows on the parking car. I watch the outdoor temperature falling in the thermometer, sip Burkhard's beer, cook Asian sea food noodle soup and am overwhelmed from all beauty, silence, my muscle and mind efforts.

Now 6.00 p.m., the mountains throw shadows on the parking car.


Again good night, lovely Ladies all around in the world.

Even now two Burkhard's beers are balast in my stomach, it's to early for bed time. Last birds jubilee in this absolute silent place at the ''Schlegeisspeicher'', the beat ice storage. Some calves ring their bells. And the creek fills the Schlegeisspeicher with the soft thundering sound of falling waters.

Ah, now 8.30 p.m. the cows bring their filled milk tanks home to the farmer. Therefore these bells are ringing now louder.

Then silence again. To tired to read, my little short wave radio brings news from all over the world.

Again good night, lovely Ladies all around in the world.


The eternal ice is melting.

A fantastic moon night with all the stars, the mountain sky can show. No other lamp on the park place, so the celestial mystery shines undisturbed.

Awake like electrified at 4.00 a.m. Again a ten hours walk from Schlegeisspeicher park place around the lake upwards to Furtnagel-Hut, 2395 and higher up in the region of eternal ice and snow - around 3000 Meters.

The eternal ice is melting. Since 80, 90 years the glacier is shrinking, now 1000 Meters higher than 1920!


Absolute exhausted home into the car - home to Mima. No sun stroke, only a bit my calves are sun burned, that's nothing. My face is brown burned from the sun, even all time protected by an American solid straw hat.

The tunnels from this 10 Euro toll road down in the valley let us wait in the cars 10 Minutes, because only one line can pass.
Three hours later home at my Mima after three nights in Zillertal.

Absolute exhausted home into the car