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Altmuehltal means Old Mill Valley: our first little boat voyage from Kratzmühle to Kottingwörth..

The brown river water flows rather quick and takes us on the boat - easy and relaxing. Big water birds escape. A pair of swans breed at the shore. 

Seldom some motorbikes sound with their engines from the road near the little river. Few aeroplanes sail silent through the air. Birds jubilee, ducks quack. The sun comes for a couples of hours. In the afternoon clouds gather again. It's still fresh on the water. Some old winter clothes have to keep us warm on the boat.

our first little boat voyage from Kratzmühle to Kottingwörth..


First we bring one bike to the place Kottingwörth, where we bring out the boat after the tour. Then we drive river upwards to the place, where we inflate the boat.

When we have finished our first short spring boat trip, Mima drives back on her bike, fixes her bike on the car, and comes back with nobydick, the motor home. Meanwhile I try to deflate all air from the yellow dinghy and dry the rubber.

After all we have to store our seven things back into the car, where space is rare.

Last week my mind exposed once again a lot of craziness in the SPIEGEL magazine forum. The subject about curse or blessings of the new Bavarian pope Benedikt, the XI. In around two days more than 2.000 letters flow into this subject. The Sysop publishes 22 of my letters in this forum, more the sysop censors without comment.

about curse or blessings of the new Bavarian pope


My nerves get more and more tense: since months I watch this gigantic advertising media hype for Vatican politics. Floating down the little river ''Old Mill Valley'' my heart feels peace again.

In each of these Bavarian little villages the church in the centre is dominant, the most dominant building.

There are few castles too, like the castle Hirschberg above the little village ''Beilngries''. Churches are in each and every village. In these ''modern'' times not every little church village can afford a priest of his own anymore. In Germany church customers leave their club in thousands since years. When a church customers leaves his confessional club, the government can not charge anymore church club taxes from his income.

There are few castles too, like the castle Hirschberg 


With less money and less priests around 3000 churches are out of use nowadays in Germany. In consequence these useless buildings are for sale. The church clerks will not sale these unused buildings for Moslem Temples. There are many Turkish people in our country, who start to build there own Mosques. But Christians can't sell their churches as Moslem Mosques. It hurts Christian feelings, when Moslem God imaginations is worshipped in a former ''House of God''.

For my feelings these Moslem customers of Mosques are not ahead in their imagination of God. Isn't the contrary to watch: the more primitive people have to fight for survival, the deeper is the trust in priests, churches and the deeper is the search for a leader of an organized strict structure?

But Christians can't sell their churches as Moslem Mosques. 


Saturday evening - 9.00 p.m.: the church bells ring from this little village Kottingwörth, where we sleep tonight near the last little houses in nobydick, parking at the side of a road. The Christian conditioning during hundreds of years changes the chemistry on subconscious level of everyone immediately, when the church bells ring. In the country side there you feel still strong this hidden hypnotic power of churches bells ringing.

Church, military and government hierarchies are similar. Above many priests is one bishop, above many bishops is one cardinal, above many cardinals is the pope. This man is imagined and he believes in this imagination as well, this pope imagines to be something like God's substitute on earth.

In the country side there you feel still strong this hidden hypnotic power 


This authoritarian structure is installed since hundreds of decades. In this continued brainwash over generations the God imagination roots deep into the unconscious. Government authorities are connected with this church authoritarian structure. Worse: even many artists, musicians, poets, painters serve with all their life energy and their beautiful artworks this authoritarian structure. 

The rare ones, who fight against this fixed structure, live since thousands years like outlaws, rebels. Is the dreamer of God imagination or the lonely fighter for the free flight of thoughts more real?

continued brainwash over generations 


The art of provocation is the basic tool of the rebel. The humble playing, hypocrite prayer begs for crumbs of mercy from the next higher one in the hierarchy. The begging prayer believes, to fill his begging bowl of expectations. Like a thumb, obedient child expects reward from dear, dumb Daddy the prayer expects reputation for his holy theatrical rehearsal in the public. A subtle mental prostitution pollutes societies since centuries, when people kneel down in front of the priest's slime smile, to swallow in a cannibalistic rites the ''blood and the flesh of Jesus Christ'', Son of God and Virgin Mother Mary, fertilized by the Holy Ghost. Amen. 

 The begging prayer believes, to fill his begging bowl of expectations.


Even pious playing people are rare satisfied with their imaginative dreams and thoughts. Underneath of the peace pretending masks people are boiling. Just one wrong word and fire up suppressed quarrels.

These quarrels even help to free people from their chains of believes. Therefore destructive tendencies and outrageous quarrels have beside all pain and havoc a trace of cleaning and fresh beginning.

Destructive tendencies and quarrels are like collective cure from imaginative dreams about God, eternity, angels, enlightenment. Love, libération etc. But the dream doesn't harmonize with facts of life.

 Just one wrong word and fire up suppressed quarrels.


Consequence: In a subtle way religious activities boil up frustrations. Frustrated, unhappy people breed fanatical dreams. This contaminated collective sickness chases each and everyone. Missionary efforts turn more and more so called ''non-believers'' into dreaming slaves about God. To God converted ''believers'' serve as new believers the old ones. The violent God dream holds up this belief system like other military or governmental authority structures. Slaves serve ''God Father'' like little children obey their daddy. The ''higher one'' takes from the ''one below'' and so on. God takes them all.

In this chain of slavery and service women have to balance the boiling violence as breeding machines for new flesh food. Daily frustrated men fertilize brutal women at night, who suffer from their blow job. Religious ideology exploits the female nature to give birth as reward for unloving fertilisation. Women transform male disappointed frustrations into a functioning their day light robot slave. Women dominate their male slaves similar like priests and political puppets dominate them all together. In the name of God Father.

Slaves serve ''God Father'' like little children obey their daddy.


The purpose of night fertilisation entertainment burdens both, men and women, with the birth and decades of caring for their children. Religious ideology enslaves poor parents, to care for the breed. This genetically whip priests use with authority. 

Priests have to ''transform'' sexuality with unnatural violence. So enslaved young men as priests enslave from their perverted, unnatural self castrated sickness with cruel brutality poor people. At least these poor people try a natural life with a more free flowing sexuality. 

When men and women experience in sexual games without sudden children production a loving way to relate, the God imagination fades away. Loving couples open a door to a deeper God understanding in the art of relationship.

These happy people find traces of Godliness in their beloved, traces of Godliness shine in themselves. The harmony, understanding, joy, bliss in a loving relationship opens a worldly way to the mysteries.

Priests have to ''transform'' sexuality with unnatural violence. 


Happy lovers have no desire, to listen to perverted preachers with their sado-masochistic guilt and punishment ideology: hell here in life, heaven after death.

The evolution in Germany forces dry church clubs to close and wellness temples open up and attract young people on Sunday.

Even games like football, soccer or box matching transform frustrate, violent people nowadays more effective than the perverted priests sado-masochistic threatening.

When doters like Polak Pope publish their death process as event of wonder and grace, this disgusting performance is just one grave yard more on the church cemetery. 

Most animals - like wise old Buddhist monks - die alone and in silence. Polak Pope and the murderous missionary mafia makes a world event out of their perverted fishing for club customers.

The evolution in Germany forces dry church clubs to close


The next Bavarian breed of this superstition in a death cult of dying doters is Benedikt XVI with 78 years. The more and more cult castrated Christian victims will soon celebrate the next dying spectacle.

Maybe you read by chance blessed with patience this word works as my Bavarian Anti-Bible to balance the Priest Pope brain wash flowering this spring. The only way to connect about this my point of view is in our free gathering, without any priest, politics power censorship.

What counts in a group of people connected with themselves, with their partners, children and friends, what counts is an open ear to listen to your own Inner Voice and strength.

Hopefully these lines help myself like others to move on this mountain path of self realisation. Thank you.

Thank you.

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