Leni 96 Years old

This is Mima Mother's old, old friend: Leni. Leni is 96 years old. To her belongs an entrance in the Guiness-Book of records, because she has lived since 1912 in the same house in Munich.

Leni has survived two World Wars. She has experienced many new technologies. She reports: ''The old gas lamps in my home changed into electric lamps in the year 1921'' - an example.

Five years ago a young man has pushed her so hard on the sidewalk, that she fall flat on the ground. She broke her hips. And she has survived several operations. The lousy lout escaped in the mass.

Leni lives in the fifth floor in that old Munich House - near the famous food market ''Viktualienmarkt''. Each day she climbs up all the many steps one time for training.

With Mimamai, my daughter and her friends we visit spontaneously the Old Lady. The lovely ladies, Mimamai and her old aunt, prepare our afternoon caffee.

The Old Lady tells stories from her yourth and life with a fiery energy. Is is advisable, not to interfere in a provocative way with her insights. She has learned enough in  her 96 years, to silence every contradiction with an absolute authority.

For this reason, my senses go against an Saturday afternoon visit of Mima's Old Aunt Leni. The democratic majority of Mima, Esther and her Ingo friend overvote my hesitation. So unwillingly they make me follow all the six floors up to her appartment.


Tired of word quarrels about so serious fighted laughablenesses, who's right or wrong, there is felt this deeper dignity in life itself - beyond words and thoughts.

Leni's living room looks like a Museum, even all her little lovely things function according to her needs.

Leni demonstrates an immense authority in all questions..

My provocations turn her anger on immediatly - deep down is felt a laughter inside, when her old fists hammer a bit tenderly on my strong shoulders.


In deep mistrusting mood with closed hearted Gangster face I listen to my daughter's little lovely laughters. She reports about her new experiences in spiritual progress - far ahead of my horizon.

My mind doubts like usual every word. Slowly these wise women, Mimamai, the old aunt Leni-Lady and my daughter melt my stone heart. Hypnotizing bitches!

Even my mind has no reason, to accept anything of these strange mysterious fairytales, these wonderful women bring peace and silence into my warrior mood. Is this surrender?


Mimamai and her Old Aunt Lady Leni prepare caffee. My big Walrus belly is filled with fish sushi. So the digestion directs blood stream from the restless mind to the stomach.

My daughter, her friend Ingo and Leni talk about ''light nourishment'' from an Old Holy Bavarian Lady. That miracolous fairy was deeply touched by Jesus' martyrdom. Her feet showed up with bleeding stigma. And her blood flows upwards on her feet - lying in bed. The reason: On Jesus feet the blood flows to his toes, on that lying Saint too! My God!

I wait for the caffee.


With caffee and chocolate cake I try to tranquilize my system, not to interfere in this High Holy Conversation about the mysterious healing help in Leni's life - from Saints, miracles and signs.

Ingo, my daughter's friend, sits with Esther peaceful on Leni's sofa. Ingo closes his eyes. This ambience  helps much my mouth, to keep shut too.

''These marvellous people with light aliment will sovle in the future the social problems of a starving society'', claims my daughter in her ecstatic. esoteric revolutionary vision.

Somewhere my mind signalizes higly alarmed, that all my parental advices have failed utterly!

Happily the stomach-digestion needs energy or the women's voices of Old Aunt Leni, Mimamai and Esther bring some kind of Esoteric Valium Tranquilizer via air connection into my system. My mouth stays firmly closed.

And that's better, otherwise my head could be hammered with Leni's firm white walking stick. White colour, because the old Lady is nearly blind.

Hmm, my floppy fingers move against my mind mind's permanent pride: ''maybe my heart is blind too?''