Responsibilty of Robots

More than 20 years ago, when my daughter was still a baby child, she says in anger to me:

''Papa, you're so stupid like a wolf, and nobody has any love for you!''

My feeling: as long you have enough love for yourself you live. 

Moods change, people remain the same. 


Maybe one out of millions comes to a point, from where Michael Kabir reports: the discovery of the Inner Snake. 

Do you listen to your Inner Voice? Who melts with his Inner Woman, her Inner Man? Who, how, when?

Before this break through towards an Inner Reality, you can collect whatever. 

We remain the same or even worse: the way we go up, somehow we come down. 

The crash and death of a Million Dollar Dream.

My feeling: biology runs bodies automatically. 

Hunger, thirst, sex, anger, joy, input, output. Responsibility of robots?