Getting old - growing up

For what these letters? These sides? Stories of Mimamai, friends and my life? For what a group called ''n0by''? Aren't the basics of these activities, to suit someone? For what? Is the basis to suit someone the lack of dignity? Who feels shame and guilt about  this lack of dignity? 

From where these questions? Do they root in a Christian or any other religion, club or society?  The crux of morality, political poison, emotional black plague?

Is our urge true, to accept even terrifying truth inside?

Who is real ready, to look into the abyss of  the own inner world? 

Who feels helpless, alone, death and old age ahead? Maybe poverty, sickness - death for sure?

Who is ready, to confess the basic falsehood of his belief, cult affiliation and self appraisal?

Who asks before answer?