Our little journey report from the long ski week end in Austria. The second night ahead on a Camping Place in Nassereith. This village is behind the Fernpass. Our Saturday we enjoyed in Bieberwier, the same procedure from my last Sunday, now with my woman Mimamai. Ski driving all day long, Sauna bath in Ehrwald and our bodies are exhausted.

We stand just behind the public pool in Ehrwald. It's forbidden to stay there for the night. But nobody cares.

The temperature falls to 15 Degrees Celsius below Zero. The heater can't bring enough warmth to the upper bed - the temperature there is 4 Degrees plus only. On the bed beneath it is around 10 Degrees plus.

So Mimamai comes down in the night. I push up the upper bed, where my skies are fixed beneath. So we sleep till the early morning dawn warm together. 

In the morning we need the motor engine, to free the front windows from the ice inside. Slowly we leave our night place. We drive up the Fernpass in direction to Innsbruck, pass the little village Nassereith and stop at the next village, named Obsteig. 

''Nassereith'' means something like ''riding in the rain'', ''Obsteig'' points to ''up stairs''. 2000 years ago the Romans passed this way, this dangerous way to their regions north of the Alps.

In Obsteig is a ski lift from 1000 to 1430 Meters. We pay half the price of the luxurious Alps Region Bieberwier, Ehrwald and Lermoos. 

The same with the little Camping Place. We are the only guests tonight. The evening is warmer, only 6 Degrees below Zero. With electric current from the Camping Place we have enough warm and light in our home. 

Mima prepares a delicious meal. After dinner she wants some attention. In our living and sleeping room around 2,5 meters and 1,6 meters peace is precious.

Next morning Mima trains for her examination, to save life in public pools. So we swim in a beautiful sunny morning in Telfs. I fall exhausted into sleep on the stones in the bath, heated up by the sun through the windows.

After this we travel the short distance to Innsbruck, admire the beautiful town and return to Telfs. There somehow the back door of the Volkswagen does not open by the automatic. Because that happend never before, I have not the adequate key with me. Because we can not change the gas bottle, we have to return home to Munich. We drive the steep way up the Zirler Berg, to Walchensee, Kochelsee. Thick fog lays on the street. And is is nearly 10 degrees below zero. Finally we return happy and safe at 10.00 p.m. Mima falls asleep suddenly.