Rainy September Saturday

Dear Hans,

your letters are always great joy! Message 21193 is again one of these jewels from your personal experience. Strange synchronity: the engine of ''Goldfish'', my Volkswagen Golf IV, build 9/1998 had problems too. The radiator was rusty and had to be changed. 380 Euros, new Technical Supervisory Association included, every two years obligatory in Germany.

On the rusty parts at the side the cooler lost water.

Yesterday, Friday, I had a slight intention, to visit Isaac Shapiro once again. But - like all ''but'' - signalize: I did not visit Isaac. For what? My dreams are occupied with Motor Homes! Strange feelings at home. Strange feelings in my home town Munich. Strange feelings on Earth. Strange feelings with people. Strange feelings with e-groups, especial the esoteric ones!

Best is life on my own: In the wilderness, in the forests. I look for Motor Homes, warm for hard Winter, not to big in the street, not to expensive, but comfortable to drive.

This one is Dethleffs Bus III Fiat 2,8 JTD, 47.066 km, 
94 kW (128 PS), EZ: 05/03, TÜV: 09/07, AU: 09/07, Diesel,
Length: 551, width: 210, height: 269 Centimetres

Strange: a bit older than two years and some screws are rusty.  
Few monthes ago the same car was 2.000 Euro more expensive, 
now the dealer still wants 27.990 Euro, winter wheels included.

This is Volkswagen T-5, build from Fischer, 131 PS, Diesel, Klima, Navigation-System, Truma Heater, Fridge and cooker: 39.000 Euro
Build 2004 - This car is small enough for ordinary town traffic. 
But narrow inside on rainy days.

Friday afternoon I visit this motor home dealer
 next to my job.

Another example for a best isolated car is this ''Buerstner I 531'',

marvellous isolated, 146.100 km, 85 kW (116 PS), EZ: 05/97,  

Diesel, TV, Solar, EUR 26.500 (complete integrated)

It's impossible, to isolate Box-Wagons - like this Adria Van Space.
In summer these cars are for rent, now they are for sale: 35.000 Euro.
94 kW (146 PS), EZ: 05/05, Diesel,
Length: 559, width: 203, height: 289 Centimetres

My dream-car in the moment is on VW-T-4 chassis a full isolated model ''Athano''! Only 30 cars are produced from this serie.
Maybe I go to explore more details on Monday. Here the basics:

VW T4 Athano 2.5 TDI KLIMA: 16.500 km, 96 kW (131 PS), EZ: 12/01, blau-metallic, Diesel, ABS, AC,
Length: 575, width: 215, height: 285 Centimetres, EUR 32.990, Solar-Modul

In front is the mechanical watch from Gdansk in a crystal glass ball.

My daughter advises me, to buy another motor home. She says, it is better, to play with all energy as long we are alive. Her Grand Mother lives in her Million Dollar home, but lives a very poor, shrinking and depressive life. So maybe I will visit my ''big brother'' tomorrow, a retired millionair. His son was here on the list for a short while in summer.

It's a difficult decision. My ''little brother'' mocks about such bourgeois Motor Home with high class wooden chattels: ''Rolling shit house!''

I can't hardly imagine, to have hot showers in my motor home. I don't need a fridge with 82 litres and light inside. And I don't need eight halogen flood lights, but I would enjoy tremendously warm nights in the mountains. 

What to do?

The heatable front shield is from a Mercedes truck, 
the mirrors are from VW-LT-28.