People are censored away from life

Mima works in her Christmas Hut. My daughter visits me in Munich with her man. So I stay at home. Saturday I spend some time for Christmas Shopping.

I feel lost in the crowd. Out of sensitivity my body starts to tremble, when the crowd pushes me in the shopping or market centres. My thoughts are occupied with terrorism these days. One German guy, named Khaled el-Masri, should have been kidnapped by CIA-agents, should have been brought by planes in a jail somewhere in Afghanistan.

After a year Khaled el-Masri can come home again.

The news reports, CIA-agents fly people around the world in secret jails – somewhere in Egypt, in Poland, in Syria. Egypt-Jails should be specialized in killing, in other jails medical expert torture the kidnapped suspects. Horrible pictures of the Baghdad jail Abu Grail show up in my inner cinema in the crowd of Christmas Shopping people. I don’t feel safe anymore. It’s more but missing Mima’s hand by my side.

Lost in the crowd

My provocations against my sisters and brothers online seem so childish. Do cyber friends, like Sackratshita, Sir Stalin Censor Sissors Switcher or Schmarrn-Doofi suffer from my mocking labels? How comes, that their label give me so much fun?

How can a stubborn German find better jokes, to make people laugh? My cyber friends are so closed, near friends to my fantasy world! With my hugs flow sweet, soft tears of emotions. BUT: Reality hurts!

My thoughts feel a horrible nightmare in the Christmas Shopping crowd: ‘’When will explode the first Suicide Bombers in German Cities?’’

Sir Stalin's Censor Sicssors Switchers first entrance
about me in His DataBase: GuruRat-Service - 2001

One shop on the Munich Christmas Market offers all kind of water pipes in our town world famous for beer. What can we do, to diminish the ‘’clash-of-cultures’’? What can I do? Flatter my friends better? Praise the Lord, Krishna, Jesus, Prophets and most of all – my cyber friends world wide?

Are jokes a sin, that hurt religious feelings? Are words cruel, which attack identifications with dead Gurus of the last centuries?

Now, 15 years after Bhagwan’s dead, when Indian politician start to praise Lord Bhagwan as tourist attraction, found pious sannyasins finally a public reward after social rejection, when Bhagwan was alive? Is nowadays the Holy Bhagwan Biz ahead of Mickey Mouse Cashrams world wide?

Veet Tom expresses in German ''Karma Erbarma!'' - means: Karma Pity!

Munich Christmas Market offers all kind of water pipes

Another Buddha for sale

Ah! My Munich is such a blessed town: on the Central Market on Saturday is a Golden Buddha for sale! If this relic can wash away my sins? On Sunday on the Central Christmas Market is another Buddha for sale. Which one cleans up my serious sins better?

My daughter consoles me with her wisdom: ''Don't take life so serious. When terrorists will bomb near your home in the coming soccer world champion area, so terrorists will bomb. Life will continue, be happy!''

Alike argue my friend in the job: ''There is no much difference anymore between the terrorists from Government and underground terrorists.''

In a web-discussion someone quotes Chomsky : ''If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war American president would have been hanged!''

Golden Buddha for sale

My Body-mind-heart needs to walk alone near my Munich home.