Sex sells similar such as Christmas-New-Age ''love''.

Maybe one of the esoteric experts can answer: Sleep in the weeks without Mima seems to be almost difficult, nearly impossible. Without her harmonious breath in the night beside my side nerves can't relax. The miraculous life as couple: the woman provides the basics of my balanced mood! Incredible! How have women such an incredible root power of male well being?

Even the talks with my lovely, little daughter on Friday night in the sauna bath Hersbruck near Nuremberg have these marvellous magical mysteries, to bring more peace to my mixed up mind. In her practical training in judicial work after having passed her first state examination she learns, how to punish low poor castes as ''untouchables'' in years of jail. The young prosecutor doesn't visit the persons in prison cells, that the police men bring up to the trial. The prosecutor reports: ''Compassion is the last thing, I can need for my job!''

The work in the office without sleep the night before is torturous. One wrong mouse click opens the fire wall, to infect the PC with a malicious Trojan! Fully frustrated I leave my work. Dangerous high way racing with these tense nerves!

Today, Tuesday, my work starts again. My night is over so early. What's happening inside? Am I just addicted to this word-producing as a pain killer? What is the function for me?  Make my words any sense for me or anyone else? 

Sleep in the weeks without Mima seems to be almost difficult

In these times of the year my nerves get more and more tense. My fingers fantasise about the felt hypocrisy in the name of ''love''. Sex sells similar like Christmas-New-Age ''love''. Everyone holds up a mask of smile to sell better.

Friendliness hides beyond enmity. My nerves can stand better an honest enemy but those dissimulating false flattered friends.

People fight  since hundred of years a serious war versus nature. Mother Nature strikes back. Just one look in the newspaper increases my depressive mood: who can still stand the extreme antagonism? Maybe a naked, dull Sadhu drunk from dope or a Western Drunkard poisoning to alcoholic cirrhosis?

Mimamai has initiated with many pictures from the ancient Bamberg City Hall, that the factories in Lithuania, East Europe, produce this year a model of this world wonder. Mima years ago has started to sell these little houses from baked brick earth for candles. This year a selling hut is new, who sells nothing but these little houses.

People in Germany grow older each year. Old people don't buy anymore those little lovely things and toys for children. Embittered and beastly my fantasies molest sleep walkers in New- or Old-Age-Heavens.

These Christmas Weeks inflame my personal war each year. And readers in n0by groups can't censor my web works! Here these words unburden my heart in a world wide sea of violence, exploitation and murder!

Coming home to my woman in her cold market hut, my heart comes home. Her simple presence relaxes my nerves. For me it's impossible to get, how a man can survive without a woman!

Thank you, my beloved Mimamai, to hold me, when I return from an cruel ice desert inside in your balanced oasis of warm understanding!

Father Christmas sells socks with songs and dance

Mima's creation: slug and worm - my favorite Christmas candles