Marvellous Mimamai tames her Monster

All alone, in the middle of the forest, lives a mediocre, mischivious Monster. Monster was not this Monster by birth, but by education, conditioning and the conditions.

Soon after Monster Mom gave birth to her little boy, this beautiful being learned to walk, to talk and to think.

So Mom's little Monster asked itself: ''Who am I?'' But there was no answer inside.

So little Monster asked: ''Mom, who am I?''

laughed Monster's Mom: ''You are born as a little, cute, yellow rat, because you came one month to early, and we both had jaundice!''

understood little Monster, and tells all friends: ''I'm a little, cute, yellow rat!''

lives a mediocre, mischivious Monster

But what strange life for our little Monster: his friends did not laugh like his lovely understanding Mom, all his friends mocked the Monster-Kid:

''Ah, you the rat, the reckless, rough, rat! Buhhh''

And they all run away. Little Monster Kid was left alone, sits at the brook, and hot tears flow in the cold water of the brook.

But there was one very tiny, cute, little girl, before Monster Kid had grown into school age. This little girl was like Monster's Mom, a friendly, laughing, warm hearted energy. This little girl has seen Monster Kid only two or three times, before the parents have forbidden to meet each other. In those old times is was not welcome, when little Monster boys play with cute, tiny, little, lovely girls.

hot tears flow in the cold water

From the brook near home Monster boy finds little, lonely ways up in the mountains. The school was mostly boring. Monster boy learns quick, answers correct and is happy to leave home.

Other school boys are mostly angry with him: For example: ''You finish your work so quick, I can not copy from you. Now I get a bad result, because of you greedy, egoistic idiot!''

Monster boy, who was a mystery for himself, got these thought. Defiant he repeats on his lonely ways up in the mountains: ''O.K.! I'm a greedy, egoistic idiot! And this good the way it is!''

With these thoughts Monster grows up, gets stronger - but pain was left in his harmful heart.

Walking up the mountain way helps to relax.

Walking up the mountain way helps to relax.

On these lonely walks Monster remembers the most important influences: his women! These lovely creatures are even a bigger mystery like Monster is a mystery to himself. So Monster is hunted since ever, to meet these mysterious female walking wonders.

Monster has several of these adored Goddess for decades. Without any answer, who am I, he asks always these women: ''Who am I?'' Monster feels her answers like a cataract of  light in his darkness of soul. He adores these answers, and always is a pious believer, what ever his women tell to him: ''You are an Orang Utan!''

And Monster hammered with his fists on his bosom, and with sweat and all male Monster muscles in wild fights bring moaning joy in loving nights. When this woman leaves Monster alone after a while, Monster feels like always: sad and lonely again.

Monster's next woman reports: ''You are an octopus, who holds me with too many arms!''  So this women leaves Monster alone again, who feels after two, three days strong escalating desires for new female guidance in his lost and lonely life.

The next one: ''You are a crocodile with sharp teeth after me!''.

her answers like a cataract of  light in his darkness of soul

In the sunset the mountains shimmer like a dragon's back.

Alone on Monster's mountain walks there is no pain. In the sunset the mountains shimmer like a dragon's back. Monster feels strong, to walk. And Monster thinks about Mimamai.

Monster met Mimamai 10 years ago, when he visited his little, lovely daughter. Mimamai brings old bread and food from a shop, where she works, to Monster's sweet daughter and her Mom. That was an exciting meeting!

Because Monster's last woman left a week ago, Monster is burning to cool his hot tail in a soft milky pot. So Monster's arms grab the little women, one hand pulls her hair, his long feet step on her little ones, and with a weird wild voice Monster murmers: ''Your hair are longer than mine, but my feet are longer than yours!''

Mimamai, who knows many males very well since decades, only laughs and pushes her body closer to his.

Monster met Mimamai

Mimamai and Monster live happy in peace

Since this time, ten years ago, Mimamai and Monster live happy in peace. Mimamai mostly smiles. Only when she's hungry, she immediatly needs her food.

Monster asks her too several times: ''Who am I?'' Mimamai laughs, like Monster remebers long, long ago his mother, and Mimamai assures: ''You are my lovely, little Walrus!''

Only sometimes Monster moans: ''No! My life is notorious to be the malicious Monster!''

''Yes, yes
'' admitts Mimamai, and after a while she mentions: ''You are my lovely, little Monster.''

With the sound of her voice Monster starts to sleep and snore, still she pushes him: ''Don't snore...''

she immediatly needs her food

With the sound of her voice Monster starts to sleep