Sannyas Buddy


Munich north: a wonderful metal bear model stands in the middle of the highway, when you leave Munich in direction north. The sign writes: ''Berlin 550 Kilometres''.

The highway A9 passes Nuremberg, where my little, lovely daughter always invites me for a meeting, when my way comes by.

Coming to Berlin the same metal, green bear model stands in the middle of the highway again. I drove the distance in several short hours. The wonders of a sunny autumn day change the colour of the tree robes into golden, red, brown.

Since years from our e-mail sharing an interesting acquaintanceship I finally have the chance to visit in Berlin. It's so easy, to write about others, but how hard it is,. to tell my own little life's stories!

Coming to Berlin

It's so easy, to advertise mind's beauty and Grand Air. But to expose all the bleedings wounds in my little, lousy life, that's painful. 

Is this the reason, that mind has to console humans with beautiful concepts like religion, art, wise words, colourful images and marvellous music?

What do I see, when I close my eyes?
What sound is heard in silence?
Which colours shine in sleep?

My body, the ''Buddha-Field'' has to die. Has mind the function, either to present all little possessions as ''Fascade-of-Grand-Air''? At least on a sunny day? 

Vice versa in pressure and pain: Has mind the function, to complain about all my missed opportunities, faults, failures? 

Are other minds different from these dreams in dualities? Miserable or marvellous mind? Is mind a ''bi-polare tool''?

The marvellous side of life: body moves without pain. As obedient servant mind arranges day by day all these little possession. For example mind remembers after hours deep sleep, where I put my glasses in the evening.

Is mind a ''bi-polare tool''?

Mind manages, to work for money each day, week after week, all four seasons: now 16 years in my job as editor from a quite successful PC Magazin. 

Mind, body, heart somehow are capable, to arrange a peaceful relationship. My life partner, woman and wife, my beloved little, lovely Mimamai loves to live with me.

She is like the harbour for all my crusades in the world. She is like the water for my fishy thoughts in the sea of unconsciousness.

But has my mind a connection beyond mind? Any connectivity with eternity? Is there a bridge, to connect unconsciousness desires to a more conscious understanding toward myself? A deeper connection than words could write?

My body-mind-heart machine sits well protected in a neat, little, clean room of a Berlin friend Nratyo, Deva Nratyo - aka Polle. As guest of this friendly presented room, my body-mind-machine tunes inside. How to connect my little life reality with all teasing influences in- and outside?

Berlin is the birth town of my father and grandfather. Berlin is three times bigger than Munich. Berlin is a town of speed, pressure and harsh controversies between luxury and poverty. More like in Munich the shadow side of glory like the German Reichstag confronts people with graffiti on many old houses, even graffiti on an old motor home. Many cheap, little Internet-Shops invite for connectivity via web- or voice-phone interface. The streets are crowded with tourist in this sunny last days of October.

The streets are crowded with tourist 
in this sunny last days of October

The Saturday night donates one hour more: watches are switched to Winter time in Europe.

The Sunday with Nratyo is filled with these wonders in a town. Born in Berlin and a retired cab driver is the best guide possible.

The air port Tempelhof is in the middle of the town. More than hundred US pilots lost their live in the years 48/49. These heros brought 1,44 millions tons of goods to Berlin. 78 people died.

We cross the river Spree, where the East German border has locked up people for decades till November 1989.

This eastern part of Berlin is crowded with young peaceful people. A lot of little restaurants offer delicious meals for reasonable prizes.

It's a marvellous, warm, sunny October day. The temperature rises up to 20 Degree Celsius. The young women show their beautiful legs in short robes. 

Only the Muslim women walk in their style like everywhere in the world. From the Muslim Mosque we listen to the priests with this melody sound ''Allah Akbar''.

The young women show their beautiful legs in short robes. 

At 4.00 p.m. we meet with four from the Berlin cyber-community Chandro, Nyratjo, Parvito and Helge. 

Hours for hours we share in an exciting atmosphere plans, how this cyber community can be open for controversies and attract people too, who search sharing in a cosy and kind environment. After all these talking hours I feel such a relief: what enrichment to meet people alive and not in e-mails only!

Nratyo gets all his energy together, and is my Berlin guide for all these wonderful hours. On Monday morning we visit together an exhibition about the Germans opposite to Guru Hitler. The upper class intellectuals around Graf Stauffenberg all killed in the NSDAP Centre of power and repression.

This 20. July 1944 brings 600 people in prison, 110 are killed by the Nazi judges.

None could have stopped Hitler unless this idiot shoot his head finally. So many more millions had to die, before May 1945 Germans were finished, to end this war.

Monday high noon I leave Berlin, the 550 Kilometres drive home to my woman. She suffers from pain in her back, we both don't know, what to do.
Now Mimamai is on the road to buy merchandise for her Christmas market. Her back is a bit better. Massage and medicine helps.

we visit together an exhibition about the Germans
 opposite to Guru Hitler