Mirror Mockery Meditation

Mosque in Munich North

Mirror Mockery Meditation

From time to time people ask: ''What is this n0by group for?''  Valerie, our friend from Alaska, has given the most profound answer possible imo: ''STOP making cents!''  At least this is my feeling, what my floppy fingers create here, when they do the best. Who ever has other motivations, to share mind and experience?  Very good too. My one and only purpose is entertainment. First myself  - maybe you too? Sorry for the ones, who left in deep disgust and Angst and anger. I miss them. 

Munich, the home of BMW, Siemens and several world famous beer breweries seems to have good connections with G*D-Agencies from different cults and sects.

Munich Skyline with ''Dear-Women-Church''

The ''Libertas Bavaria'' nowadays doesn't care, in which kind of G*D, Enlightenment or Spiritual Greed people believe. People are free, to enjoy all kind of exercises like ''mass-boozing-parties'' in October-Feast-Cathedrals or ''Marathon-Run-Meditation'', 40 Kilometers around asphalt roads. The Islamic Center works fine. A Center for Jewish believers is under construction.

Munich Mosque

Libraries are full with exact description, how and about what to ''meditate''. Libraries explain on tons of paper, how and what spiritual greed gains. Master-Disciple games continue. When ever will these promises for the future be fulfilled? When my woman Mimamai gives me a rest, what more is needed?

The ones, who read and write here, do you have to care much for money or more for entertainment?