Election + Munich October Festival

He will choose the Right Ones!

Today are elections in Afghanistan and Germany. A very important day for the mass media and all political interested people.

Friends from Hamburg, Sweetee Veetee is highly agitated, to give public recommendations, Joe, from Berlin, asks for some advice.

I went into the school nearby, to get the election document. Still I am not able to decide, whom to choose?

So I attach the public election document in my Meditation Room. In this room my morning meditation always brings best esoteric smelling results.

Still I still wait for my enlightenment, whom to choose?

Meanwhile the October-Feast in Munich started with more than 60 music groups, marching down the streets.

To give a little overview about this second worldwide Sunday attraction, please enjoy the slide joy - like usual only in the link.



My Morning Meditation Room
Public election document at the wall