Monastery Marienburg - the Pentagon of the Middle Ages



Monday morning we leave Gdansk in south direction home. My heart feels a bit sad, to leave the sea and to cross the dusty country side.

Marienburg and Marienwerder are our next goals, where my old ant started her first job as school teacher before the war. We cross the river Weichsel. The streets are in usual polish condition, you need patience. After 30 kilometres my longing is for the sea again and so I mention at a cross point: ''From here to the beach at Stegna 15 Kilometres only.''

We cross the river Weichsel.

Against her usual planning attitude Mimamai follows this way north again: ''I can't see my Walrus suffer.'' At 11.00 a.m. we find a beautiful camping place under the shadow of high trees. The white powder sand, the water, the swimming, the food, the weather - everything - is marvellous. The day crowns a royal meal in a garden restaurant:

''Sole with vegetables and Dutch sauce potatoes, side salad''.

The wind pushes up stronger waves with this tranquillizing murmuring sound.

Young men jump on surfboards with parachutes through the waters.

In the evening most traffic stops and the sound of the night relaxes for sleep. From the seaside waves roll rustling. Somewhere dogs greet each other. Soft voices from German camping neighbours: a couple changes energy.

This ordinary life without great excitements, an almost silent reality in an oasis of nature in good health comes close to paradise. Good night.

Two precious presents for my old Mom and Mimamai: an amber cat for Mom,

an amber necklace for Mimamai -

maybe as Christmas present? Maybe as present, when we have finished the voyage? She sleeps in the car. It's still warm enough, to sit in thick clothes outside in the dark, a lamp on my forehead.

Usual night dreams hunt like movies my fantasies, till my body wakes up. How many times women woke me up to console my shivering body at night, murmuring in my sleep desperate cries? Many nights. This night the early alcohol abusive death of my school friend Freddy passes by again like a movie.

Still drunken from sleep I leave the car. When I open the door, a little light dances around my feet for a short while. I search for the source in the trees above our car


on this camping place #159 at Stegna close to Gdansk.

Silently a man moves out of the darkness in military styled equipment - the guardian of this camping place. When I come back from the toilet, two of these guardians whisper together and answer my greetings.

It's 3.30 a.m.. What tourists know from the holiday paradise, they explore and enjoy?

What's about the life of the people?

Are they as happy in their daily work like we tourists are in our exciting entertainments? How much money people earn for simple jobs? How many people are unemployed or may have to steal, to pay their life and that of wife and children? How live the Russians over the border, only 100 Miles east from here?

''Oh, Lord will you buy me a Mercedez Benz''

Several splendid motor homes above 50.000 Euros stand under big lanterns in the entrance area of this Camping Place #159.

 How will poor people feel,
to watch this luxurious style of life?

This Monday I observe the first short quarrel of polish people on the tiny short road to the beach. A big old BMW tries to pass by the side of a small old VW Golf. The Golf driver avoids potholes on the street, so the BMW can not pass immediately. When the small Golf gives room, with howling engine the BMW driver passes by and blocks the street in front of Golf.

Polish camping car

Immediately two men leave their Golf, stop their engine, take the car keys with. The one, who sits beside the driver, takes a strong stick from the back seat. Both impress in fighting position the driver of the BMW. After some short quarrelling words the men continue their drive.

Polish people work in Germany i.e. in the harvest of strawberries and asparagus. Many people from eastern Europe work in German slaughterhouses, house cleaning and construction. We watch these workers. Many sleep in containers. We see their old cars with polish number plates in Munich.

Sometimes we meet some of them in the Supermarket,
most buy some beer cans, to relax in the evening.

Can travellers imagine, how polish people live in these tourists pleasures paradise? Can we imagine in Munich, how polish people work and live in our home town?

One fact for sure: my first overland travel to India 1976 via Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan - there is now no way for tourists anymore.

The ones, who travel these days in war zones like Iraq, mostly travel as soldiers.

Some soldiers die young, death of a hero?


5.00 a.m., the first bird in the trees signalizes another day of life in luxury, shared in these lines of luxury, with food of luxury, on a Camping Place of luxury, in Mima's Blue Whale belly of luxury, in my fantasy world of luxury, sitting on my little luggage with treasures of luxury, with my money in many pockets of luxury. Hallelujah!

The last bath in Stegna we enjoy naked in the rising sun, we are the only ones on the beach. Fresh from this sea bath, shower and breakfast we arrive early at 9.30 in Marienburg. We book with three other Germans a guided tour for the next three hours: 140 Zlotys, the permission to take photos included.

we arrive early at 9.30 in Marienburg.

This castle Marienburg was the Pentagon of the Middle Ages.

 The ''Kreuzritter'' (Cross knights - Ordo Domus Sanctae Mariae Teutonicorum)

started to build up this castle from the year 1270 on. From this ''point-of-power'' at the river Nogat the so called ''Deutschherren'' enslaved Poland and other countries.



The hours in the castle changed my mood more and more in bad emotions.
Till today the glory of power. hynotizes people.
Lonely males pervert into monks.


 Perverted monks live under the motto: ''Kill and pray!''
The strong hierarchical celebate society of these killing monks,
these praying warlords mirrors the Nazi fascism centuries before Adolf Hitler.


Like the Pyramids in Egypt a slave society must have been the basics, to build up such fortress. Three metres thick stone walls, cellars to 17 metres down in the earth, in this power centre lived 1.000 people. 200 of these living killing knights had dormitories in the inner circle, where the windows are build in the thick walls in angles,

that no canon ball could disturb the safety

of these ''noble knights''.

''noble knights''.

For war slaughtery these men needed special strong horses sheltered in an iron army of 40 Kilogramms. 30 Kilogramms more had the iron army of the killing knight plus his own weight. He needed help, to climb in the saddle. This way the celebates praying killers enslaved poor people for centuries.

No military technology of these times
could conquer the castle.

In the year 1457 Polish King Kazimierz IV. bribed with 665 Kilogramms gold the greedy priest soldiers, to open the doors. So Polish people ruled this possesion till 1772. Than the Prussians took over till 1945.

special strong horses sheltered in an iron army of 40 Kilogramms

Back in the hands of the Germans, their experts reconstructed hundred years long the castle.
They installed a museum, to praise the fascist power of the man on the top, called ''Hochmeister'' (High Master).

In January 1945 the German troops fight against the Russians.
In few days the reconstruction work of 100 years is again nearly fully destroyed.

After WWII, since 1960, next polish experts build up from the ruins the same castle with the same three metres thick walls of stone.

As reward other experts give this momument of slavery 1998 the prize as an ''Unesco World Heritage''! Hail Hallejuh!

These celibate knights wasn't allowed to sleep outside their church-fortress. So every 24 Kilometers they had to build another castle, to avoid the contact to ordinary people, special to females! Priests must have been aware, that one good F*CK could have smashed this hierarchical God Imagination on the garbagge!

The only way to penetrate another body for these killing robots was with the sword. Strange kind of satisfaction for these mental castrated cripples in power!

The only way to penetrate another body
for these killing robots was with the sword.


24 Kilometres from Marienburg we arrive in ''Marienwerder'' (Kwidzyn), where the next church castle streches a tower towards the sky. In Marienwerder we search the school, where my old Ant had her first job as teacher.

We find one old school, with a flag on the roof signed ''1869''.

Hopefully we have found the right one, because Marienwerder is a big town with thousands of houses and a douzends of schools in minimum.


We don't take  the right way out of the town, because the best, biggest street ends in immense paper factory, and the little, lousy street, Mima takes first by her female intuiton, was the right one. But I doubted her truth.

My nerves are tense, under pressure. The traffic noice, the black oil smoke of wrotten Diesel trucks, we can't pass by with only 68 horse power of Blue Whale, the poverty in the villages and the wrotten streets disturb my balance.



After around 180 Kilometres we reach Thorn, Unesco World Cultural Heritage since 1997.
The flowering town from the Middle Ages is not destroyed by wars.
BTW: the area of Marienburg, this Middle Age Pentagon, was 21 Hectars,
an average size of a town in those times!

There is a great difference between people in an ordinary town and a congregation of ''killing-knights'' in a perverted unnatural state of celibates. The human, very human failures in ordinary life balance somehow the energies in women, men, old and young, sick and sane, rich and poor ones.

The male competition invents ''G*D'' for themselves, ''Devil'' for others. The basics of a religious man. Translated in New Age Shitspituality: ''Meditate and murder!'' First opinions opposite to your own, OOOMMMMM!

And what is worse in all this mental desaster, this emotional pestilence? People will never stop to adore the ones in power and glory! Maybe some sort of animalistic heritage? Only the leading wolves fertilize the horny females!

Nevertheless with my last power we manage to find a gasoil station in Thorn. I manage to buy a map. The man in service manages, to show me on the map the way to the Camping Place. Heureka!

There we are, just opposite to a MAN motor home with satellit antenna and Colour TV for around 250.000 Euros. Yes, I have to admit myself: power, glory and richness are faszinating!

A glass of beer and a strong schnapps turn me down to sleep.

'Meditate and murder!''
First opinions opposite to your own,

Next morning since 7.00 a.m. we admire the beautiul old town Thorn from the Middle Ages, where people today live an ordinary life. At the shore of the river Weichsel again the ''Knights-of-the-killing-Cross'' took over a dusty village the year 1231. These guys build up another ''Centrum-of-Power-and-Repression''.

The Polish people and King can not tolerate the Teutonic invaders and start in Thorn a war against them the year 1454. Both parties have 13 years blood and weapons enough, to continue their senseless slaughtery. Some years later in Thorn is born Nikolaus Kopernikus (1473-1543).

From the City Hall tower I admire the beauty of the city and the river Weichsel. In an Internet Cafe two letters reach friends. The connection is quick, the price 3 Zloty per hour, around 70 Cents.

From the City Hall tower I admire the beauty of the city and the river Weichsel.

Homewards via Lodz and Breslau

The road to Lodz is long and loud. Again these 150 Kilometres need strong nerves. Several times the traffic stops. One line is on repair, so the traffic only can pass in one direction.

The region is called Poland's ''deepest plain''. In the middle of this plane my yoyage book praises Lodz. Reading the description exactly, I notice, that there live 800.000 people. Such big city causes stress to travel. So I would like to pass by, to explore another 100 Kilometres further the ''Black Madonna'' in Czenstochowa (Tschenstochau).

But Mima is tired. So we stop, find a very tiny, simple and dirty Camping Place, cook dinner and stay. The sanitarian equipment is third class, but the showers are hot. A big frog jumps around the toilets.

We walk in the evening sun. I buy a bottle beer and drink walking. That's, what I have learned from my polish brothers.

cook dinner and stay

First time on our voyage I calculate more exactly, how many Kilometres still till Munich. Our plan needs to shorten the long  way home:

- next day shortest way to Breslau: 200 km

- Friday across the Border to Czechia: 100 km

- Saturday Prag 150 km

- Sunday, Monday shortest way to Munich 384 km

The distances can't be compared with German high ways. An average speed here in Poland may be 50 Kilometres per hour. On German high ways nearly double speed is possible, when there is no traffic jam.

The German Shortwave broadcasts on 6075 khz new shocking reports about the possible danger of a new disease, called ''Bird Influenza''. Not enough, that seven years after a so called ''100-years-flood'' in Bavaria last week end shocks us with a ''300-years-flood''.

In the Tower of Thorn

Now a new disease could bring the Global Commerce in a Great Depression, when this ''Bird Influenza'' starts to infect and kill people. The horrible szene calculates around 50 millions of death. The result will be a shortage of food and all other daily supply.

The destructive energy increases day by day. There is no doubt for my black, tense nervous clear insight, that all these disastrous thoughts will come true.

These thoughts will not fulfill as self imagined prophecy, these disasters will just balance the eternal law of ''cause-and-effect''.

Tired to explain exactly tonight, what causes which effect: Death is now not more only spread by the ''killing-knights-of-the-cross'', death spreads in a democratic way for each and everyone. New mass disease destroys collective insanity. Looks like a strange, strong process of healing. Sorry, that's sound cynic, but how to express my observations?

It's more easy on a voyage, to feed all seven senses in an exciting, excellent way. Special when you change your sleeping place each night.

This night in Lodz after a walk in the silent suburb during time of sunset these words reflect my inner world.

This night in Lodz

Peace in healthy condition is the best. This voyage will miss another pilgrimage to the priests power presentation of mass hypnosis: ''The Black Madonna in Czenstochau''.

As if there would be any difference with the similar Madonna i.e. in Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer in southern France.

This soup smells and tastes everywhere, in all times similar, only names slightly changes. New Age churches advertise ''Meditation'' instead of ''Prayer''.

Anything else behind, than the longing for a good f*ck in an luxurious home of your own after a tasty meal?

New Age churches advertise ''Meditation'' instead of ''Prayer''.