Nobydick II - imagination vs. reality


Marvellous Motor Home from Mercedez Benz: new 65.000 Euro, five years old: 24.500 Euro

My beautiful free Monday guarantees long hours, to relax from the peaceful week end. It's to cold for the time of the year, 8 degrees Celsius at night. The rainy afternoon refreshes our bodies with a naked bath in our next lake - not far from home.

What to do with all energy in the evening? Books are boring, news paper fill the space with usual quarrels, TV entertains in similar way. The Internet offers always attraction.


Detleffs Globebus: new 42.000, half year old 36.000 Euro

People present marvellous Motor Homes on public market places like de or on eBay.


Another VW transporter


Another VW transporter catches my attention: build 11/00, 126.000 Kilometres, like Nobydick the solid five cylinder Diesel engine with 102 horse powers. In the plastic roof a small bed 2 meters to 1,25 meters, seven seats, a simple gas oven, cool box, two batteries, radio navigation and heater. Technical in good condition. That says the eBay advertisement.


All the items inside the car we can remove easy


All the items inside the car we can remove easy, so maybe Mima will use this car for her Christmas market? I hope, because it's hard to drive in her 12 years old Blue Whale. The car is loud, slow and lousy cold at night. So my desires want this Nobydick II. After several rounds giving 50 Euros each time more, finally the car is mine: 12.500 Euros.

My sleep is gone. The very next day, Tuesday, we drive around 350 Kilometres, to bring Nobydick II home to Munich. All this engagement few days before our summer holiday. We want to travel to Eastern Europe.


Mima drives carefully. So I relax once again on the highway, falling in sleep to the sound of the running wheels. To sit in this comfortable little Volkswagen gives somehow the impression of a sheltering womb. Nothing else to do, but to relax, to watch the clouds, the green country. Trucks drive in a line, one after another with 80 to 100 Kilometres/hour.

So the highway is closed for more than a hour.

One truck has lost iron load. So the highway is closed for more than a hour.
Seldom the highways are free, quicker you can drive at night.


We arrive after four hours during the sunset. First the car looks very impressive. We inspire the inner values. A catastrophe!

The car has been used long years for hard working people with their garden equipment. The roof is just fixed without any isolation. The window in the roof is not to close properly anymore. As bed in the roof serve old wooden shelves from the garbage under a cheap matress.

The radio navigation system has pixel failures on the display, same the display for the Diesel heater. The simple cool box looks like garbage. The electric connectivity is to the motor battery only. When the cool box empties this battery, you can not start the engine anymore.

We are dissappointed, the salesman too. He has expected more money in the eBay-auction. Similar VW transporters are for sale from 14.000 to 19.000 Euros.

But not in this bad condition, with such garbage equipment! The gas oven stands above a cupboard, five kilograms gas bottle inside. When gas is leaking, there is no safe outlet outside the car. So the poison could kill the people in the car or cause a explosion!

The window in the roof is not to close properly anymore.


What to do?

The salesman asks for money. I feel guilty, because I have not inspected the car before my eBay offer and buy.

The salesman wants 200 Euro. I immediately agree, give him 200 Euro. And we leave him with his car.

Mima drives back till darkness. Then we change. I drive quicker - still many hours till Munich. Mima gets angry. She doesn't want me to drive quicker than 140 kilometres per hour.

I can not drive slowly, because I would fall asleep. She can't understand this. More and more angry with pain in her stomach from her tension we arrive home an hour past midnight - after eight hours drive and 740 kilometres.

My bath in the cold morning lake clears up my head again. Hopefully my greed for motor homes is healing!

Mima is still angry. She doesn't talk anymore. My little presents from town she accepts unwilling.

Will I have to learn from the lessons of our Buddhist monk? Or shall I try da Gaff's mirror meditation?

When my woman at home has no peace, how can I live in peace?

As bed in the roof serve old wooden shelves  from the garbage.