Walchensee, Jachenau, Wallgau, Scharnitz, Mittenwald


or the ''Animals Days''

'The third night begins in Mima's 12 years old VW Transporter, we call ''Blue Whale''. We sleep quite comfortable on wooden planks and thermal rest mattresses.

Saturday we wander for hours in these wonderful mountains, afterwards we take a bath in the cold lake Walchensee. We feel happy like new lovers the way, we have started seven, eight years before.

The cold clean water cascade invites to bath in glass clear tubs surrounded by rocks. Thirty seconds we bath after hours walk on a sunny afternoon.

Thirty seconds we bath after hours walk 


We watch one of the most poisonous animals in German, a snake. I miss, to make a picture, because I wink Mima, to observe this snake too. Hearing her foot steps, the snake slips quickly away in the grass.

Mima wants to drive her father with his new friend home to Bamberg. But her father rings us up in the morning, that this 80 years old couple has spontaneously decided, to stay one holiday week more in these beautiful mountains. 

Along the lake Walchensee a small private street brings us to the little village Jachenau. Happy people celebrate a run race competition. Listening to the talks we hear about a remarkable water cascade near by. After the mountain walk in the afternoon we complete our happy Saturday with around 10 Kilometers march to this water cascade. We return nearly in darkness.

we hear about a remarkable water cascade near by


We are happy like crazy. The car is cold in the night. In Blue Whale there is no way, to stand straight up. We cook on the gas oven at the side door. I sit outside, Mima inside on the floor. It's romantic.

The less possession, the less care.

I pay the gasoline, Mima the car. This entertainment we can afford quite easy.

Sunday morning very early we wake up. The private road to Jachenau offers a free space to sleep for motor homes. We just have to pay in morning 2,5 Euro for the night and for the usage of the private road. The camping place at Walchensee costs 18 Euro for two persons with VW Bus.

The early morning bath in the cold Walchensee refreshes completely. With fresh new morning mood we visit Mima's father and his friend, a funny old couple. It's breakfast time. 

We leave soon, to climb four hours up from Wallgau to the Soiern Hut from there to the Schuettelkarspitze - something like ''Shake-Top'' - one hour more.




It's a hard march, more than 11 hours with around 1,5 hour rest all together. We return in the evening. Only the last Kilometers rain starts down to river Isar. There parks Blue Whale, our home the third night.

The water of the ice cold green river and the falling rains wash away my sweat. Cold Isar waters hurt my feet.

Mima enters her car, prepares our bed and starts to sleep. My memories report all these mind stopping impressions on my tiny Palmtop of the mountains wonder world.

The less written, the richer the days. Cold cathartic controversial cabaret from my last 30, 40 decades fades away on small mountain path near the abyss.


mind stopping impressions in the mountains wonder world


Religious, political or workaholic fanatics don't impress much my mind, when wandering hard hours. Mountain walks stop mind activity. 

I feel so close to my woman. Her tender, young body moves better than my old feet move me. Soon it's cold in the car at 10.00 p.m. 

To cold to write, mind activities again have to stop. Finally all tense muscles relax in the warm sleeping bag. 

Rain soaked clothes and breath cover soon all windows in the car with a grey foggy wet film. Good night.

Monday morning brings more rain, so we have to prepare our morning coffee inside the car. Suddenly the weather changes from rain into hot burning sun.


we have to prepare our morning coffee inside the car


Next village across the border in Austria is Scharnitz. There are the sources of river Isar. From Scharnitz we drive back to Germany, to visit the famous village Mittenwald. This town is famous for violins construction. Famous places are crowded with tourist. The cable train brings them up above 2.000 Meters. 

We share lunch with Mima's old father and drive back the road Walchensee, Kochelsee. 

At Kochelsee the sunny weather changes into a thunderstorm. Only 30 Kilometers away from Wallgau ice hail  hammers on the roof of the car. 

Too much for my little, brave Mimamai. She needs to rest and relax for a while. And I'm tired too.

We share lunch with Mima's old father