Berlin & more

Wörlitz, Naumburg/Saale, Weimar

Mima's passion: horses

Gorch Fock / Stralsund


Stralsund: Dome and City Hall

Stralsund - red houses in the evening sun

Bridge to greatest German Island: Ruegen

Mima Morning in Alteführ/Rügen

n0by in Stralsund


Holger, born in Danzig 12/1944

Holger, view from his balcony over the Baltic sea


My cousins: Olaf - Holger (born 1943) - Mima - n0by in Sassnitz


"King's Chair" in Sassnitz

"King's Chair" - a rock from crayon


Sassnitz walk at the coast
over a huge fallen tree

trees on top


Beach Hotel "Fuerstenhof" Sassnitz

Museum Submarine

Museum boot with wooden nails