My Boot on River Amper

Friday 0701: this lake in the little town Fuerstenfeldbruck is called "Pucher Meer". A short bath before the thunder storm.
Next day:

My best friend Ute and Carsten, just married two years ago, bring me and my boat from Fuerstenfeldbruck to Stegen.



The journey starts on the lake Ammersee, here with view south to the mountains.

The little village at the Ammersee Stegen.



Here starts the little boots trip under the bridge of the high way.


 Looking back: It is easy to pass these little waves.

a quite flowing river in the flowering country

These huge trees are dead. Beavers have killed them.

 This Heron is hungry for fish.

 a simple roll of iron fence would have saved this tree from the teeth of the Beavers

 Time to pee: here comes nobody except with a boat.

 These steeples belong to the village Grafrath.

 This wooden bridge is near Schöngeising.

 Rich people build house in cement.

 Green heaven helps to relax eyes and everything.

 More Green heaven all the way down the river

 This place in heaven is decorated with a Bavarian flag.

 Life Danger! Here the boats has to leave the river.

 So the boat is connected to a little vehicle. It is easy to pull the boat now from the back.



Ready to continue the voyage behind this electric station.

 Again floating relaxed in Green Heaven down the Amper river.

 Next sign "LIFE DANGER!"

 It is a little difficult to pass this barrier. Therefore it is impossible to make more pictures.

 Coming closer to Fuerstenfeldbruck.

 An island of gras in the bride flowing river. Enough water to pass without difficulties.

 Soon Fuerstenfeldbruck is coming behind the next corner.

 This tree has grown under the train bridge before Fuerstenfeldbruck.


 You need to put your head down under this bridge.

 The boat before my car, the White Whale

 The boat is dry and loaded under our bed and our a Dahon folded bike.

A bath in the Pucher Meer and

 back to the work of my woman, closing her hut.


A Bavarian little festival with beer and bread ends our day, my day on the boat my woman with her work.