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Enkhuizen, Netherlands, 4th March 2010

Dear Sir,

As an eyewitness of the bomb attack at German Bakery Pune recently and as a friend of Osho since 27 years, I would like to inform you about the reaction and the attitude of your management team (inner circle?) on this terrible event in which 16 lives were lost (including sannyasins) and many injured:

It started when I questioned at the gate, minutes after de blast, to see Dhyanesh and have access to the computer to inform the family of people injured that had specifically asked us for.

We got the answer that Dhyanesh was not to be reached and the system was closed. And they did not want to interrupt the video of Osho or disturb the White Robe for this.

Later Amrito (doctor, inner circle) who came from White Robe, gave me as a comment we should wait for Dhyanesh and simply walked off.

Later the disco began and everybody was celebrating. A friend sannyasin of us ( his close girlfriend also a sannyasin had died..), went for the disc jockey to put the music softer because he guessed the people did not know what was happening and wanted to inform the crowd. He got expelled for this from the resort for a year. An expel given by you through Sudhir, as he told me afterwards.

Next day I wished to cancel my group out of compassion with what had happened. (one of our close friends also died in the blast). I was going to give: Life is gorgeous creativity group, which should start that same day . I would like to quote some of the reactions given that day to me by people working under your management:

Bela ( multiversity) : “You cannot cancel your group, sweetheart, Wι do!. Maybe postpone it a day or so...”??

Videh ( multiversity): “o.k. but it is not you who cancels but the MV”

Lama (multiversity, a few minutes later): “Can you please give your worksticker back right away since you want to cancel your group...”

After that I tried a conversation with Amrito referring to what happened at the gate the evening before:

Amrito ( management) “We are not going to phone Granny when a bomb explodes. Is it wise to phone people in Thailand in the middle of the night? You are in shock”. This all after a normal questioning by me how it went here in the resort in cases of emergency. What is the use than of leaving phone numbers in case of emergency? Meanwhile I have to report that Amrito was really reeking of alcohol at around 11 hrs in the morning... (Later I heard that Amrito had had(?) an alcohol problem since he could not save Osho’s live.. but easily could have helped the victims at the blast...)

Two days later on suggestion of Garimo to take some rest before coming back on this all, in a conversation with Garimo:

Garimo ( management): “You are in shock and angry because the system should have been 15 min earlier open according to Shunyam....”

“It is a little cafe on the corner which was hit because it was not protected....”

“Well we were not hit as resort because we are good protected...”
( David Headley as guest last year...? and what protecting till the moment of the blast?)

On my question about the lack of compassion from the side of the resort in the media: “I’m not the spokesman of the resort” (??? How can this be possible..) and “I did not read the news papers and did not watch TV on what is going on”.

After my question if she liked the resort being in the news as a community which did not care or wanted to come as that in the news, she had to laugh out loud and found it “typical Dutch...”

During my conversation with Garimo, Videh passed by with a additional remark ”I heard you gave an interview in black robe “ not having any notion to understand that mourning could be the reason (as Garimo did).

Well I can recall much more from these talks with Amrito and Garimo but I must say this is what really shocked me:

The attitude as if it had nothing to do with the resort. (mind the Osho resort and the Chabbah House were the hard targets, the German Bakery and the Surya Villa the soft targets. And because of the resort many foreigners come as GUESTS to this country.)

The attitude of not paying any respect to the family of the victims and the family of the injured in the form of a decent press conference or minute silence or some sort of empathy.

After about 10 days there was a piece of quotes of what Osho found about life and death.... no name of your management team or any other who are responsible for the resort.

Yes this has really been shocking for many of the sannyasins I know. But you must have heard the resort already lost a great deal off its visitors....???

So if you really want your investment in this resort to be of any positive result, than may I suggest you to have a close look at your team of managing directors and have them replaced by people who have beside their consciousness also a heart and who have any idea what compassion and respect is?

I expect to hear from you through email within a week time, because I have kept all this on hold for informing the press in India and Europe who are requesting information all the time.

I would appreciate your reaction and opinion about this since you were not there at that moment and I was not able to reach you.

Yours Sincerely,


c.c. The management team of the Pune Osho Resort ( Garimo) Security (Dhyanesh)

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