Prayer Sermons from the Super Prick

'I had chosen Sheela  to be my secretary to give you a little taste of what fascism means.'

...a little taste of what fascism means

And when I am gone, just say a goodbye to me. Don't cling to the memories, don't cling to that which is no more. Find another living master -- the earth is never empty.
from The Sword and the Lotus  Chapter 3 Question 2

God is betrayed only when you betray an alive master - never otherwise. When I am gone, let it be finished. Then go and find out living masters. Then don't think you will be betraying Rajneesh: when he is gone, he is gone. Then God has chosen some other place to manifest himself - then don't allow me to hinder you, then don't let this idea become a barrier. You will not be betraying me. If you cling to me when I am gone, then you will be betraying me.
from The Divine Melody Chapter 6

Find another living master --

1.  “The masters have to lie, because sometimes truth may be too hard for you to accept.”
Osho, Zarathustra

2. “These methods are used here just because of your stupidities. Their whole function is to make you so tired of doing that one day you become to me and say, “Osho, can’t I sit silently?”….No method ever helps…. I give you methods, not because through methods you will become enlightened, but through methods you will come to know how stupid you are – and that is great enlightenment!”
Osho, Take it Easy, Vol. 1, Chapter Nr. 8

3. “Niseema, the real Master never fits with your expectations. And if he fits he is not a master. The real master cannot fit with your expectations, your expectations come out of your mind. … A real master never fits with your expectations. And those who fit with your expectations are just businessmen, not real masters.”
Osho, Take it Easy - Vol. II, 1979 S. 63

4. „First I have to create the desire, the longing, the passion, so strong that you drop all other small things and put your total energy into the search for enlightenment. Once you have done this, half of the process is complete. Then begins the other half: ‘But on the other hand, the very desire to become enlightened prevents it.’ When you have been very thoroughgoing in your desiring, in your search, you will not find enlightenment. The more you search, the more you will be frustrated, because it is not something outside you that can find. … Only when you are utterly tired und frustrated, then you can drop even the idea of finding enlightenment. Then you are utterly silent. You have forgotten about property, money, possessions, power, prestige, long before, because you  staked everything for enlightenment. Now, the only thing to be dropped that you still have  is the desire for enlightenment – that is the last desire to be dropped. But first it has to be created.”
Osho, The Invitation,1987, S.54,55

5. “I am not going to help you. I am going to make you utterly helpless so that in your helplessness a prayer arises, so that in your helplessness, surrender becomes possible, and then comes God’s help. Only God can help. And all other help is a barrier to God’s help … “
Osho, The First Principle, Chapter 6

6. “Whenever you expect, you are asking for frustration. Drop expectations.”
Osho, The Devine Melody, 1978, S. 45

7. “The slavery can be spiritual – which is the worst kind of slavery possible. The political slavery, the economic slavery are superficial; you can revolt against them very easily. But the spiritual slavery is so deep that even the idea of revolting against it does not arise, for the simple reason that this slavery is there because you have asked for it.”
Osho, The Osho Upanishad, Chapter 19

8. “My work consists in demolishing you completely, because only when you are utterly demolished the new is born. When the old ceases to exist, the new appears - and that new has clarity.”
Osho, The Book of Wisdom, Chapter 19, Question
9. “Sannyas means demolishing the whole structure, clearing the ground completely so that a new temple can be built. Sannyas is very destructive in the beginning and very creative in the end. The destructive part is very essential. It has to destroy your ego, it has to destroy your mind, it has to destroy your ideologies, belief systems -- Christianity, Hinduism, Mohammedanism, communism. It has to destroy all that you have been up to now. It has to shatter the whole identity, it has to create an identity crisis.”
Osho, Darshan Diaries, If you choose to be with me, you must risk finding yourself

10. “I am touching you, hitting you, hammering you in all my meditation techniques just to bring your hell out. But you are such cowards that even if you bring your hell out it will not be total. You play with it, you are not involved in it; you are fragmentary, you only become lukewarm. Lukewarm won't do. You have to be boiling, only then can you evaporate. The ego evaporates only at the boiling point, not before. You just become lukewarm. It is of no use, it is an unnecessary waste of heat; again, you will become cold.”
Osho, Discourse Series, A Bird on the Wing, Chapter 3

11. “It is the case with most of the sannyasins: if they get a hit they feel bad about it, their ego feels hurt. Rather than understanding the hit, they become resentful, angry. If they are not hit, then they start feeling that I am not taking care of them, that I am not paying attention to them, that while others are being hit, they are being left out. They feel as if they are not important enough. This is how human mind creates misery out of every situation. If you get the hit, you are hurt; if you don't get the hit, you are hurt all the same.”
Osho, Beyond Enlightenment, Chapter 4, Question 4

12. “But the spiritual ego is very subtle, it is like fragrance. You don't stumble, it does not hit you like a rock. You cannot remove it as easily as you can remove a rock. It is a subtle fragrance. The more spiritual you become, the more your ego becomes subtler and subtler. Your ego becomes pious, and when the poison is pious, of course it is more dangerous, because you think it is nectar. Now, the label is nectar; inside the bottle is the same poison.”
Osho, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol. 11, Chapter 10, Question 4

13.“But this enquiry will also feed your ego, that "I am a seeker", that "I am no ordinary man", that "I am spiritual", that "I am religious", that "I am holy". And if that attitude of 'holier than thou' arises, you are lost forever. That is the greatest sin you can commit in your life, the greatest fall. If the idea arises in you that you are holier than others, that you are a saint and others are sinners, "Look at my virtuous life"; if you become righteous you are lost, because this righteous ego will be the most subtle ego, and it will be very difficult for you to drop it. It is easier to drop iron chains. But if you can have golden chains studded with diamonds, it will become more and more difficult to drop them because they will not look like chains, they will look like valuable ornaments.”
Osho, The Secret of Secrets, Vol 2,Chapter #9

14. “The ordinary ego is easy to drop But the spiritual ego is very difficult to drop Because it is very subtle, it goes deep in you. It has to be uprooted from your very depth. The ordinary ego is only on the surface It is very easily removable.”
Osho, Eighty Four Thousand Poems,Chapter #12

....No method ever helps…

you will come to know how stupid you are

work consists in demolishing you completely...

all my meditation techniques
just to bring your hell out.

.“But this enquiry will also feed your ego, that "I am a seeker", that "I am no ordinary man", that "I am spiritual", that "I am religious", that "I am holy"

20. “My stick is there; I can hit you but your readiness is not there. If I hit you before you are ready, you will simply escape from me. Many escape, many have escaped because I have hit them somehow or other.  And don't think that the stick is really a visible thing; I use subtle sticks. Just a word can hit you to death; you are shattered. Your logic, your religion, your concepts are hit and you are shattered, and you never come back again to me. I hit your emotions, then you become antagonistic to me. Your ripeness is needed: you have to welcome the hit, wait and pray for it.”
Osho, A Bird on the Wing, Chapter #7

27. “Even your disciplines - what you are practicing to obtain liberation - are really a kind of greed. And greed cannot destroy greed. It is ambition, and ambition cannot destroy the ego. Perhaps it is the greatest ambition - to be liberated, to be enlightened.”
Osho, Bodhidharma: The Greatest Zen Master, Chapter #17

29.“They killed Socrates, they killed al-Hillaj Mansoor, they made many attempts on the life of  Gautam Buddha. It simply shows these people were not famous, not respected by the crowd; the crowd was utterly against them. Hence it is true that you should not choose your master simply because he is famous. He can easily be famous if he fulfils your expectations. And everybody has certain expectations, everybody has in mind certain qualities that a master has to fulfil -- and anybody who fulfils your expectations is not a master at all. No master can fulfil your expectations; in fact he will sabotage all your expectations, he will destroy all your expectations. To fulfil your expectations is to strengthen your ego, and no master can do that.”
Osho, Come, Come, Yet Again Come,Chapter #8

34.“But our minds want something to be nourished by, so your so-called religious preachers, priests, philosophers, theologians, they go on giving you nourishment. They say, "You are sent here for special purposes. You have a special place. Some great work is being done by you." And your ego feels puffed up. I cannot do it. I am not your enemy. The moment I find any chance I am going to destroy these puffed up egos, spiritual egos, pious egos, religious egos. But the ego is an ego; on what it stands does not matter, on what it is nourished is irrelevant.”
Osho, The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol 8, Chapter #6

your religion, your concepts are hit and you are shattered,
and you never come back again to me.