Bamberg painting Mima's Christmas Hut

Weekend in Bamberg from Thursday 04.03 till Sunday 07.03: Again we sleep three nights warm in our comfortable motorhome "White Wale". We have to paint Mima's Christmas Hut. We meet many of Mima's friends.

It is cold. Soon the scenic place in Bamberg at the river Regnitz is covered with snow. The winter is back with minus 10 degrees Celsius.

Bamberg sunny day

Painted walls of Mima's Christmas Hut
leaning at her trailer

View out of "White Whale Window" at Bamberg Canal

n0by and Timo: Sunday in Kalchreuth

The sun rises after a frosty Friday night at the Bamberg river Regnitz.

Baunach near Bamberg offers electricity for one Euro only
in a night with minus 10 degrees.