End of Christmas Market and of the Year

Finally my little, lovely market maid Mimamai is back, back in my arm, my bed, my life. Five weeks without her are hard to stand. With the help of my four voyages from Munich to Bamberg we managed her Christmas market together.

There is so much snow, that the traffic is going slow. Hundreds of aeroplanes, trains and cars can’t continue their voyage. Thousands of travellers have to wait in uncomfortable places and situations.

Wooden sledges are sold out in Bamberg. The last 14 wooden sledges I bought in Munich and brought them Mima in Bamberg. On the slippery road in the snow flurry it was four hours hard drive for 250 Kilometers only from Munich to Bamberg.

My Christmas-Connection via UMTS - 15 Euro/ flat rate per month

Bamberg - Christmas Market End 12-24

Working for our two Volkswagen: "Sea Cow" and "White Wale"

1st Christmas Day: Margarete and Mima
we celebrate Christmas with few friends

Sunday - we leave Bamberg
with luggage and food


Mimas friends: Fritz and family
On the electric piano my fingers
tried some exercises

Mima's friends: Klaus and Nora
maybe we celebrate
New Year together


Bad Rodach: alone in the snow

Mima in our "White Wale"

Winter Sun

Thick ice inside the car on the front shield after three nights with minus 20 degrees celsius
The gas heater worked four days and nights with 11 Kilogramm gas only.

"White Wale": at night outside minus 20
inside plus 20 degrees Celsius

harsh, hard winter with
more snow than usual

Five weeks continuously we had to run and to care, my job in Munich, Mima’s market in Bamberg, my four voyages from Munich to Bamberg. Friday, 12-23, we finished Mima’s market at midnight with the help of  her two friends Fritz and Uwe. Saturday Mima still had some hours work: she had to clean up her articles in her garages. The first time since five weeks Mima sleeps some hours in the afternoon – utterly exhausted. My web-connection via UMTS notices a thunder storm with 20 centimetres snowfall in a short time. We have to bring Mima’s car, her “Sea Cow” back from the garage to the street again. Two man have to push the car and spread gravel on the snow.

Bad Rodach: we start cross-country skiing


with new
Cross-Country Ski

Sunset Bad Rodach

Sunset Bad Rodach


Berching 122 Kilometres away from home

1.st January 2011: Our little voyage after the Christmas Market soon is finished. My woman is at home and just called me to come home. But there are still 122 Kilometers to drive to Munich from this little village Berching. We had six quit warm days and nights in our “White Whale”. We celebrated with Mimas friend a joyous party last night.

For all friends together in our little n0by group our best wishes for a wonderful New Year 2011, peace on earth, enough food, work, money and health for everyone.

Berching - rest with electricity

Berching - ice on the Rhine - Main - Donau - Channel