Sonnenspitze  (Sun Height)

"Sonnenspitze" is the name of a the first little "hill", when you drive from Munich in southern direction. You look over the lake "Kochelsee" and other lakes like Staffelsee or Starnbergersee and some more.

From Kochelsee you drive uphill to another lake: Walchensee. On the souther shore is a comfortable place for motor homes. This place is called "Einsiedl" and provides electricity.

View over Kochelsee

View from the "Sun-Height" over the Kochelsee on Friday


The opposite mountain is called "Herzogstand".
The Bavarian King Leopold II had a hunter hut.


From "Einsiedl" at Walchensee you reach Innsbruck in 50 Kilometres only.

Innsbruck: Saturday Fleemarket
Jesus for sale

Innsbruck: Christmas Tree
besides the Golden Roof

Innsbruck: Preparation for Christmas Market

Sunday Morning at Einsiedl Walchensee