Marvelous Munich, Beautiful Bavaria, Fruitful Franconia

The art of sharing, the art of caring first shares for me, my woman, my friends. Most have left our group gathering. The web-sites of anonymous guys like "Ivan Master Like You" are deleted. Most sites of friends, who left, are reduced. Only some last memories of friends like Gene Poole, Eric or Michael remain online.

Some people prefer meanwhile private communication like Thomas. He got some birthday money. But every message here in our group still is read carefully. Thanks for your mails, Hans, like from all others all the years.Yes the days are running to my retirement, only 235 from today!

On week ends my body and mind relax from my job. From these days of joy and freedom some pictures report like usual. Enjoy the trip with me and my friends! The Bavarian Aborigines have some strange customs. But if you keep some safety distance, you can survive the meetings with these guys. It is a bit difficult, when you belong to another German tribe like from Prussia, but it is possible.

Mima on river Amper

Impression from Munich Oktoberfest
September 2010

Demonstration against Atomic Energy

with Timo and Mima 9th Octobre

Mima preparing Christmas Market 10-30

Bamberg - Autumn impression

Voyage in Frankonia

Camping Obernsees - 11-01-2010

Fridge of Franconia Natives

Frankonia - walk on week end 11-01-2010

Boundary Stone

Seat of Franconia Natives

Black Cat in village Meuschlitz - Franconia

Knock-Hut: pub in a tree house

Obernsees - luxurious Thermal and Sauna Bath