Week Ends with my Mimamai

plus pay back of "carmic debts"

Mima sells fruits in a wooden hut

Happy together 01-08

"Bergfeldsee Poing": a cold lake to swim 10 Minutes walk from my job

Mima swims on a cloudy July Sunday in the Woerthsee - lake near Munich 07-18

n0by and Mima on the Amper-River near Munich 01-08

several hours boat tour on the Amper River

Pure capitalism reminds me on cannibalism. Some examples from last month: The “Love-Parade” festival in Duisburg was poorly organized. For the sake of the profit the security for the people was neglected. Result: In a horrible stampede 21 young people died, several hundred people are injured.

The oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico pollutes the Ocean with million tons of oil. Sea food will be polluted for decades. Already 15.000 Kilometers this year in my motor home “White Whale” has burned nearly 2000 liters gas oil. My life style too wastes oil.

Around Moscow the earth is burning. Houses, plants, trees everything is destroyed by furious fires. The temperature for several week is around 40 degrees Celsius.

In Pakistan meanwhile floods are killing thousands. The hygienic misery spreads cholera. Never before such Monsoon destroyed the country in such terrible way.

But our gain and greed for luxury feeds the capitalism to get as much profit from people and our Earth resources as possible.

Some people pray for God. Buddhist beggars and New Age Cult Customers practice Meditation- and Enlightenment Entertainments. Other fanatics in culture or sport exercise themselves for best performance to gain reputation.

These pretty poor lines try to clear up the mess inside, try to release some misery from my burdened mind and gave up to get attention.

Because everybody needs all attention to survive somehow, somewhere with some things. Thousands of things people buy to impress our neighbors we don’t like.

It is my job to write some articles now. But this site has to be created as stress compensation and to pay back some "carmic debts".

Boss in my job has to fire some editiors.