Summer at Wolfgang Lake (Austria)

That was a very rainy month of May. The flood finally was finished, when June started with sunshine. This week end for three nights my motor home stands at the Austrian Lake Wolfgang.

This is a very rich region around the Austrian City Salzburg. Lakes, mountains and cultural highlights enrich this region. There is no shadow on the Camping Place. The car heats up to 34 degree Celsius. It is a hard two hours drive in this heated car without AC. But the country side is so marvellous. After finding my place on a beautiful Camping Place, immediately the body needs a fresh bath in the cold lake.

This is wonderful experience, to create a new web site under the star light in a cosy warm summer night.

Finally the flood, the rain, the cold may is finished: Munich Sunday 07-06-2010

Fuschl-See - there are many lakes around Salzburg.

Web-Service at Camping Birkenstrand:
three, two, one second: the connection is gone!

Two hours drive after my job in the heated up "White Whale"....

needs to refresh the body in the cold lake.

Wolfgangsee - Saturday morning 06-12-2010, 6.00 a.m.

Wolfgangsee Chappel Falkenstein

Wolfgangsee - view from Falkenstein

Boat with bike from St. Wolfgang to Gschwendt

Primary School in Strobl / Wolfgangsee with

monument: Learn to read!

Sunday music in Strobl / Wolfgangsee