Good Old Guy in Good Old Germany, I


Again the „White Whale“ needs service: the battery for the living room is finished – cost for repair: 300 Euro.


Poing – Bad Rappenau 317 Kilometres, one night

Bad Rappenau – Kronberg 148 Kilometres, two nights

Kronberg – Bad Nauheim 34 Kilometres, one night

Bad Nauheim – Laubach, 32 Kilometres, one night

Hirzenhain -  Mueller-Mobil, repair of roof-window blind
Nieder-Moos, 55 Kilometres, one night


Service for "White Whale" - good care for good trucks

To much rain floods the rivers this May. In Poland fifteen people drowned in the floods. But since Friday afternoon rain has stopped in southern Germany. The colour of the country has changed into green, with yellow fields of  “Raps”, a plant to produce bio diesel. Birds are singing. Cats are looking for mice. Cows, horses and sheep feed on green grass in calm country. Men are in peace with Mother Nature.



Bad Rappenau

"Gradierwerk" Bad Rappenau

Skyline "MainHattan" - Frankfurt/Main - Power Palace 2010

Viktoria Power Palace - last century - Kronberg, near Frankfurt

Socrates Sentence on a small frame work house in Kronberg:
"How many things there are, I don't need."



View from Feldberg/Taunus

Wedding Ceremony in....

Oberursel near Frankfurt

"Old houses, young women are the best  to spend your time."

German Bank - Frankfurt

European Central Bank - Frankfurt


European Central Bank



"An der Hauptwache" - Frankfurt

Kronberg - Old decoration

Therme Bad Nauheim

Bad Nauheim

Bad Nauheim Spa bath

Sign to the city of Laubach with old frame work houses



Castle Laubauch

Castle Laubach: Sir Solms

boy on bike beside "White Whale" in Camping Laubach

After "Hirzenhain" next night at "Nieder-Moos" - Region "Vogelsberg"
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Good Old Guy in Good Old Germany, II